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6 Best Gaming Headsets For Girls (Female Gamers):

If you are a Streamer or a Gamer Girl looking for a perfectly cute & pink gaming headset then you are at the perfect place to get a perfect gaming headset for yourself. Boys have different choices for their gaming headsets they want a powerful and solid gaming headset mostly in black or blue color but girls love cute and pink gaming headsets.

So here are the 5 best pink gaming headsets perfect for girls we have tested many many brands and their headsets and after our research, we picked these 5 most perfect headsets for you.

All these headsets are the most valuable and worth buying gaming headsets, they come with good surround audio, beautiful design, and great colors, and these are the most comfortable gaming headsets.

Top 3 Best Headset For Girls

Best Overall

1. Razer Kraken BT Headset (Hello Kitty Edition)

Razer Kraken BT Headset (Hello Kitty Edition)
Razer Kraken BT Headset (Hello Kitty Edition)
Sound quality4.2
Noise cancellation4.0
For gaming4.3
Best Sound

2. YOWU RGB Cat Ear Headphone 3G Wireless

YOWU RGB Cat Ear Headphone 3G Wireless
YOWU RGB Cat Ear Headphone 3G Wireless
Sound quality4.3 
Noise cancellation3.8 
For gaming4.0 
Best Budget

3. Razer Kraken Quartz Edition

Razer Kraken Quartz Edition
Razer Kraken Quartz Edition
Sound quality4.0 
Noise cancellation4.0
For gaming4.3

1. Razer Kraken BT Headset (Hello Kitty Edition)

Low Latency Connection – Custom-Tuned 40mm Drivers – Beamforming Microphone – Powered by Razer Chroma – Hello Kitty & Friends Edition (Bluetooth 5.0+40ms Headset)

Razer Kraken BT Headset (Hello Kitty Edition)
Razer Kraken BT Headset (Hello Kitty Edition)
  • Officially licensed Hello Kitty and Friends.
  • Bluetooth 5.0.
  • 40ms Low Latency Connection.
  • Custom-Tuned 40mm Drivers.
  • Beamforming Microphone.


If you are a razer lover you would know that Razer Kraken Gaming headsets are the best ever gaming headsets with beauty, these headsets are made with quality bloated inside them. All razer headsets are always ranked above their competitors whether it is about gaming or quality and comfort razer wins the fight, so nowhere is the Hello Kitty Edition Of Razer Kraken BT Gaming Headset which is right now the most demanding and best gaming headset.

Bluetooth 5.0:

This Razer Kraken BT Headset (Hello Kitty Edition) uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 for minimum latency and delay and for maximum performance at games. Bluetooth 5.0 was not very common in gaming headsets before, and now it is the requirement of gamers but it makes the headset expensive, as technology gets upgraded the price will go high.

Quality and Comfort:

This headset is made with the best quality material, it has the maximum comfort and a beautiful and sturdy design. It comes in beautiful pink color and has the logo of Hello kitty on both earcups. The comfort of this headset is the best comfort in any gaming headset because its ear cushions are made of so soft material they will make you feel any hardness or get discomfort by wearing it for a long time. You can easily enjoy your hours of gaming sessions with this headset.


Bluetooth 5.0 will help sound delivery at the perfect and accurate time there will be no delay in sound whether you are playing any game or listening to music, and also it has 40ms of lowest latency which makes it the best Bluetooth headset.

Gaming Mode:

This headset has a gaming mode that you can enable when you are going into the gaming session, it will provide an immersive gaming experience with the highest sound quality and will also boost the headset’s wireless bandwidth and performance which will deliver the audio at no latency and will give you a gaming experience like or better than any wired gaming headset.

Precise Sound Role In Gaming:

The audio in-game plays an important role in your gameplay because if you will get the precise footsteps and perfect sound of everything around you then your aim and reflex will be better with that audio, so for gaming if you want to buy any Bluetooth headset I will recommend only buy this one.


  • Lowest Latency Razer Bluetooth Gaming Headset
  • Uses Bluetooth 5.0
  • 100% Comfort and Great Buil Quality
  • Most Beautifull Looking Razer Headset
  • Gaming Performance is top quality
  • Razer Chroma RGB and Stream-Reactive Lightings
  • Most Power Efficient Headset
  • 20 Hours Battery Timing with Lightings
  • 50 Hours Battery Timings without Lightings
  • Beamforming Microphone For Maximum Noise Cancelling


  • Little Expensive
  • Has Nice Weight
Amazon $118.99 Best Buy $119.99 eBay $177.14

2. Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB Gaming Headset

Beautiful RGB Gaming Headset With Maximum Comfort

Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB Gaming Headset
Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB Gaming Headset
Sound quality4.2
Noise cancellation4.0
For gaming4.3
Razer Kraken Kitty Review


Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB Gaming Headset is one of the best gaming headsets which are specially made for girl gamers. This headset is very unique and it comes in a beautiful design, it has a solid and premium build quality. The ear cups and also the kitty ears of this headset can be customized and they can change colors by your commands, they also have different visual effects to drive an awesome look to your gaming.


The ear cups of these headsets have a beautiful Razer logo on them which glows so beautifully with the RGB lighting. The most confusing thing in buying a perfect gaming headset is to check whether the sound quality is good for gaming or not, So this headset comes with a super-solid THX 7.1 spatial surround audio to give an immersive gaming experience to its users. The noise cancellation of this camel headset is just awesome it has a clear mic and perfect noise canceling to provide a better experience in only games.


The coloring of this headset is just awesome you can just decorate your RGB gaming setup so perfectly after having this headset because when you install the Razer synapse application on your desktop then you can easily change the coloring of the headset according to your choice and you can also put a color which matches your gaming PC RGB lightings.

Compatibility and Comfortness:

Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB Gaming Headset is one of the most comfortable gaming headsets by Razer because this headset comes with a super-soft headband to provide long-term comfort to its customers. This headset is also a perfect gaming headset for people who wear glasses because it’s so perfectly made and the headband doesn’t hurt the head or apply force on the face, so this headset can be worn for a full day so comfortably. It requires a USB connector to connect it to your PC, or Laptop.


The first bad point about this headset is that it doesn’t have a mute button for a mic and another bad point is that it’s a very expensive gaming headset not everyone can buy it. Overall it’s still the 1st ranked gaming headset especially loved by girls gamers and their first recommendation is.


  • THX 7.1 Spatial Surround Sound
  • Beautiful Chroma RGB Lighting
  • Retractable Active Noise Cancelling Mic
  • Lightweight And Very Comfortable Headset
  • Beautiful RGB Kitty Ears And Triple-Headed Snake Logos
  • Its Comfortness Makes It Easy To Be Wore For All Day
  • Easy On-Earcup Audio Controls
  • Connects via USB connector (For Windows PC/Laptops)


  • No Mute Button
Amazon $128.25 Newegg $179.89Walmart $134.00 Newegg $99.99Razer Store $149.99

3. Yowu RGB Cat Ear Headphone 3G Wireless

Best Wireless Gaming Headset With Highest Comfort And Low Latency

YOWU RGB Cat Ear Headphone 3G Wireless
YOWU RGB Cat Ear Headphone 3G Wireless
Sound quality4.3 
Noise cancellation3.3 
For gaming4.0
YOWU Gaming RGB Headset Review


Yowu RGB Cat Ear Headphone 3G Wireless is the second most expensive headset for girl Gamers. But this headset can be your first choice too, because of its quality and the features it provides, and it’s less expensive than the Razer Kraken Kitty Headset. These headsets come in different colors pink, black, grey, and many more, you can choose your favorite one most girls to choose the pink one but it’s up to you.

Connectivity and performance:

The best thing about these headsets is that they come with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to make the latency minimal and provide a proper gaming experience without any audio delay, but the best thing is that if you don’t have Bluetooth on your PC or laptop then you can just connect the cord or cable it comes with an extra cable for connectivity you can just plug it into your computer and use it as a non-wireless headset.


Which are the most comfortable headphone you can get for less than the price of Razer Kraken Kitty, and the sound quality is not that much different, it also has 7.1 surround audio which can give you an immersive gaming experience. And the headphones come with Excellent battery timing of 48 hours which is amazing and it also has fast charging capability, so it won’t take much time to get charged and you can enjoy your gaming sessions.


The head pads of these headphones are so soft and comfortable, and the earcups are also extra fit and comfortable, so you can easily wear these headsets for long hours without feeling any discomfort or pain in your ears or head. The RGB of this headset is so beautiful it gives different coloring and you can just customize it as you want, the lighting of this headset is pretty bright and Kitty’s ears are completely RGB, also the earcups of this headset are full RGB which looks so awesome and gives the best gaming look.

The price of these headsets is pretty fair for this many features and one of the best quality products, it can be your 2nd choice after Razer Kraken Kitty but if you want a cheap gaming headset as compared to Razer Kraken but wants the same experience then go for this one only.


  • Bluetooth 5.0 For Minimal Latency
  • 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Solid Battery For 48 Hours Playing Time
  • Fast Charging
  • Both Bluetooth & Cable Connection
  • Very Comfortable For Wearing It For Long Time
  • Customizable Lighting and Effect via APP
  • PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Mobile Devices
  • Type-C Port


  • Very Expensive Than Other Headsets
Amazon $139.00 Amazon $167.50 Walmart $134.00 YOWU Store

4. Razer Kraken Quartz Edition

Best Gaming Audio/Immersive Gaming Headsets

Razer Kraken Quartz Edition
Razer Kraken Quartz Edition
TypeCircumaural (over-ear), Gaming
True WirelessNo
Connection TypeUSB
Active Noise CancellationNo
Razer Kraken Quartz Edition
Sound quality4.0 
Noise cancellation4.0
For gaming4.3
Razer Kraken Quartz Edition


 Razer Kraken Quartz Edition is the third most valuable and perfect gaming headset for girls, these are also made by Razer because Razer is one of the biggest brands in the category of gaming headsets, and for girls gamers, they are doing pretty well. The best thing about this headset is that this headset comes at a very affordable price so anyone can easily buy it and enjoy their gaming experience with Razer.


First of all this gaming headset will come with an extension cable that will get connected to your PC, and the microphone is so perfectly placed it can just be pushed inside into the headset ear-head and pulled out so easily, it made the microphone placement awesome because everyone can easily adjust it according to their comfort. This headset mostly comes in pink color but it also has a variant of black color you can choose your favorite one.


There’s a beautiful Razer logo on the headband of this headset, there are two beautiful Kitty ears on the headband of this headset and they have some RGB. Improvement in this headset from the previous Razer Kraken V2 is that it comes with a Microphone Mute button and separate control buttons.

This headset comes with programmable lighting effects which can be customized easily by the application of a razer, and the audio/sound quality of this headset is amazing and have a powerful base, this is one of the most lightweight gaming headsets, it’s also very durable because of their built quality.


The comforts of this headset are so good you can wear it for long hours of your Gaming sessions it won’t make you feel any pain in your face or ears, and it doesn’t apply any kind of force on your head, so it a good point about this headset.

The headband of this headset is extra soft which makes this headset wearable for a whole day, and it is also a perfect choice for people having large heads because it expands the head-band easily according to the head size, and your head will get the maximum comfort all the time. The earcups are made of so soft and comfortable material which can be adjusted over your ears so perfectly and will let you enjoy your gaming without any disturbance.

Price Overview:

At last, the price of this headset is one of the best prices for any gaming headset like this because it covers all the requirements so perfectly, like comfort, sound quality, microphone noise cancellation, and the quality of the product is awesome, so for this budget, this headset is the best choice.


  • Lightweight And Durable Gaming Headset
  • Powerful bass
  • Very comfortable
  • Streaming integration
  • Simulated surround sound
  • PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mobile Devices
  • Beautiful Programmable Lighting


  • Weak high-mids and highs
  • Hard Cable Is Used
Amazon $39.99 Newegg $179.89 Best Buy $99.99 eBay $119.5o Razer Store $79.99

5. Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition

Best Value Bluetooth Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition
Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition
Sound quality3.7
Noise cancellation3.9
For gaming4.6
Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition Review


Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition is also one of the most famous gaming headphones by Razer. This gaming headset is a Bluetooth headset, which means it is a wireless headset but the technology it uses is Bluetooth 5.0 which can provide maximum performance and minimal latency for a better gaming experience.


It comes with a USB cable that can charge your headset it doesn’t come with a USB type C cable which did not like about this headset, because the price of this headset is around $100, in this price they should have given a USB type C connection.

But overall the cable is pretty soft and looks like a quality build, also comes in the matching color of the headset. Comes in solid build quality it’s all plastic made but it gives an astonishing look with the logos on the earcups of the headset, these logos just glows up with RGB lighting and these RGB Lightings can be customized with the Razer app which you can download on your phone also.


The headband of this headset is pretty soft and comfortable and can be worn for long gaming sessions, and on the top, you will find a razor logo, at last, you will find two Kitty ears which come with RGB lighting, and these ears are so pretty which gives an amazing look to the headset.

The earcups of this headset are very soft and made of quality material that can give long-term comfort to your ears and you will be able to enjoy your gaming or streaming. On the right ear-cup area, you will get a power button, a volume controller, and a charger port. The stretching result of this headset was pretty good when it will be stretched it will get wide so comfortably, it won’t get cracked easily because of the stretching so this headset is good for any size of the head.


For gaming, if the headset is wireless then it should have the least latency because the higher latency will be the delay in-game audio, but this headset comes with the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 to give the lowest latency for this headset and it will have 40ms latency as the maximum which is pretty good. The audio of this headset is very solid, the quality is good and the microphone is fair, but not active noise cancellation.

The price of this headset is fair but not very valuable because the Razer Kraken Quartz Edition provides a better value for money than this.


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 40ms Low Latency Connection
  • Kitty Ears & Earcups Powered by Razer Chroma RGB
  • Razer Audio App for Android and iOS
  • Long Full Day Battery Power
  • This Headset Provide The Best Comfort For Long Sessions Of Gaming
  • Solid Microphone With Good Isolation
  • Kitty Ears and Earcups Powered By Razer Chroma RGB
  • PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Mobile Devices


  • No Noise Cancellation
  • No Type-C
Amazon $99.99 Best Buy $69.99 $112.55 Razer Store

6. S21D Gaming Headset with Rabbit Ear

Most Comfortable Budget Gaming Headset

S21D Gaming Headset with Rabbit Ear
S21D Gaming Headset with Rabbit Ear
Sound quality4.2
Noise cancellation3.7
For gaming3.8 
S21D Gaming Headset with Rabbit Ear Review


S21D Gaming Headset with Rabbit is at the 5th number on our list because it’s a budget headset and also the most comfortable gaming budget headset. This headset is cheap at price but gives all the features delivered by an expensive headset. It comes with a solid microphone with noise cancellation, it has Stereo Bass Surround 7.1 Audio. This headset is very lightweight and extra comfortable, because it has a soft headband and perfectly made earcups, the earcups of this headset are also wider than other gaming headsets.

Design And Comfort:

The headband is very different from other headsets because its headband is actually two wafers or wings kind of things that are very soft and comfortable and will be fitted on your head so easily and perfectly. Overall the gaming experience with this headset is amazing it provides a completely immersive gaming experience because of its solid audio and the comforts of the headset.

Value For Price:

The price of this headset is lower than many other headsets in the market and also the design is very unique and different from other headsets, it has two beautiful bunny ears on the top which look so cute. The microphone can hide and pull out easily, the headset comes in pink color, and also the microphone will have the same color.


  • Surround Stereo Bass Sound
  • Excellent Noise Cancelling
  • Solid Microphone
  • 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
  • Lightweight And Comfortable
  • Provides immersive gaming experience
  • Compatible With Laptop, Computer, PC
  • Comes With Soft Head Wings/Pads For Maximum Comfort
  • Affordable Price


  • Speakers Audio Is Relatively Slower
Amazon $64.99

Buying Guide And Our Suggestions:

The above 5 gaming headsets are the most well-performing and quality gaming headsets for girls, and they provide the maximum comfort but in these 5 we can suggest the top 3 picks for you according to the price and value of the headset, so it will make it easy for you to choose the best headset for yourself.

First Pick will be 1. Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB Gaming Headset

The second Pick will be 2. YOWU RGB Cat Ear Headphone 3G Wireless

Third Pick will be 3. Razer Kraken Quartz Edition

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