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How To Enhance Framerates In High-End Games?
How To Enhance Framerates In High-End Games?

If you like playing High-end games then you must be having problems sometimes with the frame rates, and for a better gaming experience higher frame rates are a must because at low frame rates games will be annoying to play and with lag, most games are not even playable.

To solve this common problem of low frame rates which almost all gamers have suffered we have brought this complete and easy guide to maximize your gaming experience by improving frame rates. If you are using an old PC build you may be getting 30 or less than 30 Frame rates (FPS) in high-end games, thus destroying the whole gaming experience. For smooth and fast gaming you have to increase the framerate and below are a few best methods to increase the framerate for the best results.

Ways To Increase the Framerate:

Following are the few best ways to increase the framerate in high-end games:

  1. Update your GPU drivers and direct X
  2. lower the game graphics setting
  3. Lower the resolution
  4. To overclock your GPU
  5. If your PC is too outdated then need to upgrade your build.

1. Update your GPU Drivers and Direct X:

Update direct x and GPU drivers for better frame rates in games
Update direct x and GPU drivers for better frame rates in games

The first major step which every gamer should follow before playing any high-end game to have a good experience without any lag or frame rates fluctuation is to check if your GPU drivers are up to date, also direct x should be properly installed before running any game or else the game won’t even start or it will play all the least possible frame rates with the lowest resolution.

To check the direct X Version goto here and update it if you haven’t yet: Direct X Latest From Microsoft

2. Lower the game graphics setting:

The first thing you should do is for improve the framerates or FPS of your games is to lower the game graphics setting like game environment quality, and character quality, Anisotropic filtering should be minimized which is used for sharpening the edges of the elements in the game, and Tessellation and particles quality should not be too high,

For doing the above graphics customizations you need to go to your game settings and perform the following mentioned customizations according to the game and your installed GPU so there will be a minimum frame rate fluctuation. When you open the menu of your game, you can select or choose the preset option to turn down all the settings, this is a very helpful and significant way to increase the framerate and make the game way smoother than before.

3. Low The Resolution Of Your Game :

After turning all the graphics settings to the recommended as your GPU can handle, the next step is to lower the resolution in the game setting, which will only change the resolution when the game will launch it will not change your overall screen resolution so it is safe and easy.

Games are made up of thousands of images playing in series ( playing one by one ) expeditiously or fastly and GPU has the task to control the function of these images, so the greater the resolution more workload will be on the GPU and the higher will be the number of total pixels used by a game which directly improves the graphics quality of the game but have a huge impact on the performance or FPS of the game.

High resolution is for deep colors and perfect images, when you lower the resolution the image will be not that much perfect as in high resolution but in low-resolution pixels will be fewer and you will enjoy fast and smooth gaming.

4. To Overclock Your GPU:

How to overclock any GPU with MSI Afterburner
How to overclock any GPU with MSI Afterburner

To enhance the framerate the fourth best method which I will recommend is to overclock your GPU, GPU is the graphics processing unit it has an important role in playing programs and games faster. Overclocking actually alters the core performance or increases the core clock speed that’s much more advisable for fast games because it will directly increase the framerates of the games, but remember to not increase the clock cores too much or it will have an adverse impact on the performance of the GPU.

Note: you can always change back or undo the changes you made to the clock cores of the GPU by overclocking it.

Note: We only recommend using the “MSI After Burner” tool to overclock your GPU.

I have written a detailed article about overclocking of GPU, If you don’t know how to easily overclock your GPU then you should read our GPU Overclocking Guide before getting started on GPU Overclocking.

5. Upgrade your build:

If you followed all the above steps and still your gaming is slow so you have to upgrade your hardware or you have to buy a new PC build. You can check our best build guide if you are planning to get a new PC Build that can run all games at maximum settings, also you can also get help from our article ” Parts needed to build a gaming PC ” if you are not aware of building a custom PC by your own so you can get some great knowledge and make your own build.

If your using a new build but have no GPU in your build then you have to arrange a GPU because it’s very necessary to add a GPU in your build because, without an external GPU, the high-end and GPU-dependent games are not even playable. You check our article ” Best Graphics Cards(GPUs) For Gaming


Updating your GPU drivers and direct X, lowering the game graphics setting, lowering the resolution, and overclocking your GPU these all are the best way to increase the framerates at games. By following all these steps you can get good results and you can play games smoothly without any issues. If your PC is too much outdated then the only way to play high-end games for you will be to upgrade your current build to a good one.

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