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About Us:

PCSavage is a beautiful product designed and made by Afaq Khan. We regularly upload quality content on this website about all PC components and other technology products that anyone can buy easily and use for their purpose.

The main aim of our website is to stop people from getting trapped in fake reviews and buying the wrong product that is cheap in quality and lags behind the requirements that are necessary for the normal usage of the product, that’s why here we will give the best ever reviews on the best products that you should consider over other products that you should avoid.

Who we are

PCSavage exists to help you get the most out of technology, by providing useful, informed, and unbiased information, tips, and best guides. If you are looking for help considering a tech or PC product but are not sure whether it is worth buying or not then we are always here to provide you with the proper review of that product and help you out in making a quick decision.

What we do:

PCSavage is a brand website where we (the experts PC enthusiasts) write guides, reviews, and informational articles about printers, headphones, motherboards, CPUs, GPUs, RAMs, CPU Coolers, CPU Fans, PC Cases, and Laptops. PCSavage is all about providing informed but accessible content for anyone who loves tech and PC Gaming.

We are part of a publishing group that wants to empower readers to get the most out of technology at home, at work, or at play.

Expert advice:

The PCSavage team is made up of highly-experienced consumer technology journalists. The main writer is Afaq Khan who is an expert PC Builder and Tech enthusiast, he has studied software engineering and now graduated. The PCSavage is also a Physical PC Building Store located in the United States, and according to those tests and personal experience, we write reviews and guide people about their perfect PC building components.

Each writer has their own specialist areas, so you can depend on the advice being offered in how-tos, informative guides, or best round-ups.

Our standalone review process:

Our standalone reviews are the result of independent and unbiased testing, all our reviews are written and published by experts who specialize in specific product categories.

Whether we have sourced the product ourselves, or have been provided it, our reviews are always balanced and fair. 

We have encouraged our writers to always provide fair reviews about each product we are reviewing, we will provide all the cons and pros of the product and also will clearly tell the users whether the product is worth buying or not.


We always want/try to give you unbiased editorials created by our content writers and journalists. For providing the best content we do not ask someone for money or we don’t cost any penny, it’s all free that’s why we need to have different sources of earning through our website and that can be fulfilled by affiliate products and advertisements.

For paying our team, We sometimes use affiliate links to products and services on retailer sites for which we can receive compensation if you click on those links or make purchases through them. From time to time we also publish advertisements and sponsored content on the site.

Our promise

We always will try our best to provide the most helpful and informational content related to PC and technology products. Our content is always trustworthy because we write truthful content which only speaks true words and there is no untruthfulness.


PCSavage is a website made and designed by the owner of We are both fiercely committed to protecting your privacy. Please have a look at our in-depth privacy policy to find out more.

Author and Owner:

Name: Afaq Khan

A Software Engineer and Tech Enthusiast, I’m Writing Articles on technology and PC Gaming Related products for all gamers around the world. I Love helping people to make it easy for them to pick the best components for their PC Builds and give them the best buying guide. I’m currently based in the United States and I’m a PC Building expert. I have gained over 8 Years of Experience in building rigs for gamers.

I grownup playing different PC Games, if I tell my personal story about starting my Gaming Career the first game I played was GTA 3 which made me fall in love with gaming, after that I drove deeply into gaming and I started to gain more and more knowledge about PC Gaming, and that knowledge also helped me to fix the common errors faced by gamers of that time.

I’m now a very well-experienced PC Gamer, I have played more than 200 different PC Games and I’m still playing many of them. The big advantage of gaming which I found was the sharpness of mind and also you can help other gamers to find their best PC Building components and fix their problems related to PC and Gaming.

At last, I will say that I’m always available for all of you, so if you want to contact me for anything related to PC Gaming and PC Building then you can contact me through the contact details I have mentioned at the bottom of this page. Thanks for being a part of PCSAVAGE.

PCSavage Author and Owner : Afaq Khan
PCSavage Author and Owner: Afaq Khan

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