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 AMD vs Intel CPU Which One Is Better?
AMD vs Intel CPU Which One Is Better?

INTEL and AMD CPUs Comparison and Benchmark Tests:

If you are thinking that which processor is better AMD or Intel, Here we explained the benefits and performance perks of both AMD or Intel CPUs and will make an end-result that which One Is Better. After reading this article your all confusion will be clear about both processors, We will discuss everything about AMD and Intel processors.

Very Best For GamingNot Good Than Intel Processors
Very Good For Video EditingNot Good Like Intel Processors
Cannot Beat The Graphics Performance Of AMDHigh Graphics Performance (Integrated Graphics)
Expensive In PriceCheap In Price
Fastest ProcessorNot faster than the Intel processor
Runs Hot at gaming and workloadRuns Cool while gaming and the workload
AMD vs Intel CPU Which One Is Better?

1. AMD or Intel CPU: Good For Gaming:

AMD vs Intel CPU which one is good for gaming when you want a CPU that is better and very good for gaming? Intel processor is very much better for gaming. It is good in performance for gaming than the AMD processors.

Now we will compare Intel’s latest processor Core i9 and AMD’s latest processor AMD Ryzen 9 7950X processor. In this comparison, the Intel Core i9 is better for gaming than AMD Ryzen 9 7950X processor because of more cores and more threads the Intel Core i9 has better performance and is good for gaming. While the AMD 9 7950X is also good for gaming and performance but it cannot beat the Intel core i9 processor for gaming.

Compaison In Different Games:

If we compare Intel and AMD processors by their latest relizes than I will say that Intel has beaten many processors with quiet good marjan Intel and AMD are head to head competels of each other. The latest processor relized by Intel is the 13 generation Intel core i9 13900K onthe other hand we have AMD ryzen 9 7950X we have tested both processors on few of the latest titles.

On far cry 5 Intel core i9-13900K gave 193 FPS at 1080P Resolution, and the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X gave 171FPS. The intel i9-12900k was also better than its head to head competitor AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, aIntel i9-12900k gave 167 FPS in far cry 5 and AMD Ryzen 9 5950X and 5900X both gave 140 to 142 FPS, which means intel i9-12900k easily beats both CPUs of AMD with good margin if limited to gaming.

At Cyberpunk 2077 Intel core i9-13900k gave 122FPS and on the other hand AMD Ryzen 9 7950X Gave 117FPS.

2. Benchmark Test:

Here is the benchmark test of the AMD processors and Intel processors, in which you can see the performance of both Intel processor and AMD processor.

INTEL VS AMD benchmark
INTEL VS AMD benchmark

3. Better For Video Editing:

Now we will discuss which is processor better for video editing, Intel processor is much better for video editing than the AMD processor and the Intel core i9 is very much good than other Intel processors. Intel processor is good for video editing because of its high operating frequency.

4. High Graphics Performance:

If you want a processor which has high graphics, an AMD processor is better for graphics over all the processors. Any of the processors cannot beat the graphics performance of the AMD processor. Intel processors are also good for graphics performance but like other processors, Intel processors can not beat the graphic performance of AMD processors.

5. Best For Budget:

As I discuss the performance of both AMD and Intel processors if you want to buy an AMD processor or Intel processor or Intel you will also have some knowledge about the price of the AMD processor and Intel processor. The AMD processors are cheap in price and they are low in price while the Intel processors are very expensive to buy.

6. Which Runs Cooler :

In AMD and Intel there’s a controvercy going on always between thier fans that which CPU runs cooler, so actually Intel has higher capabilities to handle workloads in this case they allows the cpu to run at full boost clock which usually produce more heat than the AMD CPUs thats why they sometimes runs hoter but if we throw full workload on AMD CPUs then they will also runs hot but for both CPUs we recomend a good and speedy cooler with capable RPM to dissipate all the heat from the CPU and avoid damaging the CPU.

7. Fastest Processor:

Both the processors AMD and Intel are fast. But in the comparison of both AMD and Intel processors If you want to check which one is the Fastest processor. So the Intel processors are the Fastest processor while AMD processors are also fast but they are not the fastest like Intel processors.


So the Intel processors are better for gaming, video editing and they are fast , they are expensive while the AMD processors are Cheap, high capacity to run the cooler and they have high graphicsperformance. I recommend that Intel processors are better its your choice to buy any of them.

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