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PC Building Guide: Parts Needed To Build A Gaming PC In 2023

Nowadays people are too much concerned about building a proper and fast PC whether they use it for their visual (Photo/Video Editing) or office work, or they build a PC for gaming. Doesn’t matter for which work you are building a PC but make sure you choose the best components and perfect pairs so you will never face any performance lag while doing your work or frame rate fluctuations while playing games. In this guide, we will show you how to build a gaming PC and which parts or components are required for building a gaming PC.

Parts Needed To Build A Gaming PC In 2023
Parts Needed To Build A Gaming PC In 2023

Required Components For PC Building:

There are many components that are included in a complete PC Build or a gaming rig, but there are a few important components without them the PC Build will be incomplete or the PC will not work. If you want to build a PC then you will need to buy all these components and link them to each other to build a PC, the process is simple and easy but for beginners that can be complicated sometimes.

Today here we will guide you through the steps that you can follow to build a perfect and powerful Gaming PC for your smooth and fast gaming experience. The best Gaming PC is the PC with no limitations, and you should have enough budget to buy all the components required for building a PC that can run any game at its best. A budget PC will be also a good option for budget gamers but if you want the best performance in games then you will need to pay well for buying those components that can handle any game at high frame rates.

Why Building Own PC Is Better Than Purchasing Pre-Build PC?

You can buy the components separately and in pairs or you can also buy a complete pre-build PC from online stores where you will not need to Build the PC on your own, but I will recommend building your own custom PC so you will be aware of all components are installed there and in future, if some issue pops up you figure it out and fix it by your own self. One more thing for what I will not prefer to buy a pre-build is that those PCs have bad performance always, like their components are over-priced all the time, you can get a better build for the same amount with more advanced specifications.

CPU and Motherboard:

A CPU is the first major Component of a PC Build, without a CPU a PC cannot run or start because the CPU or central processing unit is called the brain of the Computer. The second component is a motherboard in which we will install the CPU, without a motherboard a CPU cannot work, so all the major components should be linked to each other for making the PC work.


The Third item in the list of PC building parts is RAM (Random Access Memory), Ram is actually a volatile memory that works by keeping the data in it when power is provided to it, or we can say when the PC is turned on. RAM is also one of the important components in PC Building because without RAM the CPU cannot fetch or get the data of the files that are required for the processing, and also the Operating System loads into RAM when the PC is turned on, so if the OS cannot be loaded how will the PC Work.


The Fourth one is PSU, a PSU is a power supply unit that provides power to all the components on the motherboard, like fans, CPU, GPU, RAM, SSDs, HDDs, etc. Without the PSU also the PC will not work, so make sure to choose a compatible PSU for your CPU and GPU, so you will not risk the components on your PC.

Storage Drive:

A Storage Drive will be the fifth component of the PC because the OS should be installed in a Storage Drive like HDD, SSDs whether SATA or NVMe, Or any other external drive. Storage drives are cheap and affordable and don’t really matter which one you buy if limited to normal use, but they matter in high-end gaming because the fast read and write speed the smoother performance will be.


A case is the body of the PC, where all the components will be inside and that makes it a complete PC build. The case should be capable of good airflow throughout the front and back panels, so the PC will be running at normal temperatures and will not easily raise the temperature which can affect the performance of the PC. You can choose Beautiful PC Cases and also normal but airflow cases, if you want a water-cooling PC then you can buy a case with support for AIO Coolers.


A GPU (Graphics Card) is the major component for a Gaming PC because the games you will play on the PC are GPU Dependent games, most games cannot run without a dedicated GPU or external GPU. GPU prices are likely higher than other components of the PC but you can choose a Budget GPU too which will also be capable of running all the latest games but maybe at lower frame rates. The Latest GPUs are NVidia RTX 4090, RTX 4080, RTX 3090, AMD RX6800X, RX 7900X Etc.

The above 5 were the most important components of the PC, extra required components are CPU Coolers, Fans for airflow and keeping the case temperature cool, also some necessary cables are required for the power. You can also buy RGB Stripes and LEDs for a better look and lighting of the PC.

Guide To Build A PC By Yourself:

Step 1: Open Boxes from the motherboard and CPU.

Step 2: Carefully open the socket of the Processor/CPU in the motherboard.

Step 3: Install the CPU into the Motherboard, but be careful about the pins in the CPU, make sure not to bend them by pressing too hard.

Step 4: After the CPU is installed into the motherboard, you will need to install RAMs.

Step 5: Open the RAM from the box, open the RAM Slots then install the RAM by accurate pattern(as guided in the box of the RAM).

Step 6: After RAM it’s the turn for the PSU, this one is a little complicated because of the cable connections.

Step 7: Open the PSU from the box and place it inside the case, then also place the motherboard into the Case with installed RAM and CPU.

Step 8: The next step is to correctly plug the power cables into their specified components and slots.

Step 9: Apply Thermal Paste on the CPU, and place the CPU Cooler above it carefully.

Step 10: After everything is done, you need to install the HDD Or any SSD you purchased for the Build, a SATA HDD or SSD will be installed using SATA Cables, and NVMe SSDs will be installed in the NVMe Slots of the motherboard.

Step 11: Plug the power cables into the outlet and Display cables into the monitor, then turn of the PC and your Build is completed.

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