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DDR5 is a new power, a new advanced speedy beast with the highest frequency in RAMs generations. Suppose you are building a Gaming PC with the latest motherboard and processor. In that case, you must buy your PC DDR5 RAM because it will enhance your PC’s overall performance by 50%, and your gaming, video editing, rendering, and any other work will boost up everything on your PC.

Best DDR5 Ram In 2023
Best DDR5 Ram In 2023

DDR5 vs. DDR4 has a considerable difference, in latency difference, speed difference, and frequency differences, so how can DDR4 perform DDR5? DDR5 RAMs are almost 50% more powerful than DDR4, so the best choice will be only DDR5.

Here are the 5 Best and most Recommended DDR5 RAMs, Fastest Memory, Higher Frequency, and Enhanced Speed. So if you are planning to Buy a DDR5 Ram, go for these.

5 Best DDR5 RAM To Buy For Any CPU In 2023:

Top 3 Best Picks

1. G.Skill Trident Z5

G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5 (Best DDR5 RAM)
G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5 (Best DDR5 RAM)

2. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 (Best DDR5 RAMS)
Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 (Best DDR5 RAMS)

3. Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM

Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM (Best DDR5 RAMs)
Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM (Best DDR5 RAMs)

1. G.Skill Trident Z5 (Extreme Performance DDR5 RAM)

G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5 (Best DDR5 RAM)
G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5 (Best DDR5 RAM)

G.Skill Trident Z5 Specs & Review:

Specifications G.Skill Trident Z5
SINGLE / DUAL / QUAD KITDual Channel Kit
MEMORY LAYOUT2 x 16GB modules
INTEL XMPIntel XMP 3.0 (Extreme Memory Profile) Ready
PACKAGINGRetail Packaging
WARRANTYLifetime manufacturers warranty
G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5 (Best DDR5 RAM)
FrequencyCL TimingKit capacity
G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5 (Best DDR5 RAM)
Best DDR5 RAMs Benchmarks At Battlefield V (1440P)
Best DDR5 RAMs Benchmarks At Battlefield V (1440P)


G.Skill Trident Z5 Is one of the fastest DDR5 memory in the market. It is the most expensive RAM with the highest speed, so if you are thinking of buying it, just be prepared for its cost. This RAM has a capacity of 32GB for a single stick, and it has CL Timings of 36-36-36-76/40-40-40-76 for DDR5-5600, 36-36-36-76/40-40-40-76 for DDR5-6000, and 36-36-36-76/40-40-40-76 for DDR5-6400. It has a black-colored heatsink to keep its temperature cool, and it comes in 288 Pins, And the best thing is this RAM comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty, so no worries about any issues.

The G.Skill Trident Z5 is the best-performing DDR5 Ram. If we compare it to any other DDR5 RAM, it will easily beat every additional ram because of its highest frequency and better CL timings. This RAM is one of the best choices for Gamers. Gamers always want the maximum stable experience in their gaming so this RAM can do the best for them. The bad point about this RAM is that it is extra expensive to buy this RAM. You will have to pay over $500 to $800, which sounds pretty costly, but you can also do this for the best and smooth gaming.

The Speed of this RAM can go up to 6800MHz, which no other RAM can reach even by getting overclocked, so for the maximum speed only, this RAM will be the best option, and if you are looking for a budget DDR5 RAM, then you can choose the one from below RAMs. This RAM is compatible with the latest Intel 12th gen processors and Z690 motherboards.

Is this RAM worth buying in 2023?

Yes, this RAM is one of the best-performing DDR5 RAM to consider right now in 2023 but there are some things to keep in mind before purchasing this RAM. The first thing is that you need to make sure that this RAM is compatible with your motherboard and CPU, it is DDR5 RAM so it requires a Z790 or Z690 motherboard for Intel core 12th and 13th generation CPU, and for AMD you will need AMD A620 or above motherboards.


  • Intel XMP 3.0
  • Extreme Overclocking
  • Blazing Fast DDR5 Extreme Performance
  • Speed upto 6800Mbps
  • Designed for latest Intel Core 12th Gen Cpu’s
  • Compitable with Z690 Chipset Motherboards


  • Very very expensive at price
Amazon $209.99Newegg $168.99 Walmart $376.68eBay $299.99

2. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 (Best DDR5 RAMS)
Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 (Best DDR5 RAMS)
  • Type of Memory (RAM): DDR5
  • Form Factor: Desktop
  • Speed: 5200 megahertz
  • Latency: 38-38-38-84
  • CAS Latency: 38
  • Lighting Type: RGB
  • Memory Capacity (per Module): 16 gigabytes
  • Memory Capacity (Total): 32 gigabytes
  • Voltage: 1.25 volts

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB Review:

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB is the second-best DDR5 RAM after G.Skill Trident Z5 at processing speed and rendering timings. The best thing is that it is not as expensive as Trident Z5 RAM, this one is pretty affordable, and it gives good value for this money. It has a frequency of 3200MHz and comes with an XMP 2.0 profile. It comes with Advanced ICUE software, which will control your Ram’s RGB lighting and speed, and many other features will be there.

Advantage of This DDR5 RAM Over DDR4:

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB, both ddr4 and DDR5 come in the same number of pins which are 288-pins. All the design is the same, but there is a little bit of difference which is the notch is shifted to the center in DDR5 RAM so people can differentiate between both of them.

And the most significant difference is the memory bandwidth difference because DDR5 will deliver double the benefit compared to ddr4 RAM. Corsair claimed that DDR5 would have 50% more bandwidth performance than DDR4 Ram, which is the maximum of 8.4Gbps. DDR5 also comes in long burst lengths, and the size of DDR5 Ram can be up to 256GB per dim, so there are huge differences.

This RAM is one of the best RGB DDR5 Ram right now. It has a beautifully stunning look and an excellent design for gamers. This RAM comes with bright RGB LEDs, which will glow your PC from RGB lighting, so this RAM is a good choice for gamers who loves RGB and lighting. The gaming performance of this RAM is incredible. It comes with Dominator DHX heat spreaders to provide better heat dissipation and keep the RAMs always cool, which will help you get a stable and better gaming experience.

Corsair Official WebPage:


  • Available up to speeds of 4800MHz
  • Super-bright Capellix RGB LEDs
  • Great build quality and stunning look
  • Super-bright Capellix RGB LEDs
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Excellent performance
  • Advanced iCUE software
  • Supports XMP 2.0
  • Dominator DHX heat-spreaders


  • iCUE software is needed to control RGB
Amazon $334.99 View on Newegg $204.99 Best Buy $299.99 Walmart $282.99

3. Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 RAM

  Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM (Best DDR5 RAMs)
Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM (Best DDR5 RAMs)

Corsair Vengeance DDR5 Specs & Review:

Speed Rating:DDR5-5200 MT/s
Rated Timings:38-38-38-84-125
Tested Capacity:32 GB (2x 16GB)
Tested Voltage:1.25 V
PCB Type:Eight layers
Error Checking:ECC (resting)
IC Manufacturer:Micron
Form Factor:288-pin DIMM
Warranty:Limited Lifetime
Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM


Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 RAM is one of the best reliable and highest-performing DDR5 RAM. Still, in performance, it can’t beat the G.Skill Trident Z5 Ram because they give way better results than this Corsair Vengeance DDR5 Ram, But this one is not expensive as that RAM, though. But we all know if our RAM is faster and will have no latency or delay, then our PC will run super smooth, so it’s better to get a good ram, and with performance, RGB lightings are necessary too, so this RAM performs both tasks so well.

Features Details:

This RAM comes in a height of 51mm, so be sure before buying it that your PC has enough room to carry this RAM. This RAM has a frequency of 5200MHz, which is way higher than any DDR4 Ram and comes in 32GB Kits. The CL timings are 38-38-38-84, and it has a very low latency of 14.61ns so you won’t feel any lag in 288-pin DIMM. It also has an 8 Layer PCB with a better quality built.

Design And Temperature:

This DDR5 RAM is one of the most beautiful RGB RAM. It comes with pure Aluminum heat spreaders, which will allow quicker heat dissipation, and this thing will keep the RAM temperature cool every time, even if you are playing games on it for long hours. It has the latest XMP 3.0, which will provide the best and easy overclocking for everyone.

Optimization And Speed:

This RAM is very optimized for efficiency, corsair did a very great job here of making this RAM super-efficient than before, and it’s more powerful and quicker too. The price of this RAM is pretty high, but it still provides one of the best value for money, so you can buy it without worrying, but CL timings of Trident Z5 are better than this, so this is still not a better option than Trident Z5 DDR5 RAM.


  • Designed for high-performance overclocking
  • Pure aluminum heatspreader for faster heat dissipation and cool temperature
  • Premuim Looking RAM
  • XMP 3.0 for very easy overclocking
  • Supports Latest Intel DDR4 motherboards
  • Lower latency with faster memory
  • Great value at this price
  • Lower power consumption
  • Quick Memory responds to commands


  • Timings not good as competitors
  • No RGB
View on Amazon $297.99 Newegg $129.99 Walmart $219.41 Best Buy $199.99

4. G.Skill RIP Jaws S5 DDR5

G.Skill RIP Jaws S5( best quality Ram )
G.Skill RIP Jaws S5( best quality Ram )

G.Skill RIP Jaws S5 DDR5 Specs & Review:

SpecificationsG.Skill RIP Jaws S5
Memory typeDDR5
Number of modules2
Memory size (total)32 GB
Clock frequency in MHz5200MHz
LatencyCL 40-40-76
Voltage in V1,1
Primary colorblack
Secondary colorgold, red, white
Module height33 mm
G.Skill RIP Jaws S5


G.Skill RIP Jaws S5 DDR5 comes in a very compact design with a height of 33 M, which is easy to fit in any case, and it also comes with compact heat sinks with enhanced temperature control and heat dissipation for the RAM. This frame is built with such premium quality, and it has the most stability than other RAMs. And also it is very reliable with higher performance.

Features Details:

This RAM comes in 16GB DIM, which will be a pair, making 32GB in total. This RAM comes in different frequency ranges, from 4800MHz, 5200MHz, 5600MHz, and 6000MHz. It comes in two heatsinks colors one is matte white, and the other is matte black. These RAMs will support all the latest DDR5 Platforms Motherboards and processors, and it is a low profile DDR5 RAM with very high and fast performance and speed. The memory ICs of this RAM is built and placed with Human Hands. No machines were used there so the quality will be premium. We can just guess from this.


This DDR5 RAM is one of the best low-profile RAM, but the bad point about this RAM is that it is always not available to buy. It’s very short in the market right now, so you will be a lucky person if you get it somewhere online. This RAM supports the latest Intel Alder LAKE processors and the chipset motherboards of Z690, which are made for Intel ALDER LAKE processors. This RAM has the latest XMP profile 3.0, which can be used to overclock your RAM.


  • Blazzing Speed
  • Compact Low-Profile Design
  • Comes in matte black or matte white aluminum heatspreaders
  • Supports 12th Gen Intel® Coreâ„¢ CPU & Z690 Platform
  • High-Speed Memory Performance
  • XMP 3.0 Support


  • Too Short In Market
  • No RGB
View on Amazon Walmart $509.73 eBay $282.15

5. Kingston Fury Beast DDR5

Kingston Fury Beast DDR5(top best Ram)
Kingston Fury Beast DDR5(top best Ram)
CapacitiesA single module of 16GB
Kits of two 32GB
Frequencies4800MHz, 5200MHz, 5600MHz, 6000MHz
LatenciesCL38, CL40
Voltage1.1V, 1.25V, 1.35V
Operating temperature0°C to 85°C
Dimensions133.35 mm x 34.9 mm x 6.62 mm
Kingston Fury Beast DDR5
Part NumberCapacity
KF548C38BB-1616GB 4800MHz Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 Single Module
KF548C38BBK2-3232GB 4800MHz Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 Kit of 2
KF552C40BB-1616GB 5200MHz Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 Single Module
KF552C40BBK2-3232GB 5200MHz Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 Kit of 2
Kingston Fury Beast DDR5


Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 is a blazing-fast DDR5 RAM made by Kingston’s very well-known company. It comes in a frequency of 5200MHz, and this RAM comes in a single module of 16GB DIMs or a pair of 2 RAMs which makes 32GB in total. Like G.Skill RIP Jaws S5, this RAM frequency ranges from 4800MHz, 5200MHz, 5600MHz, and 6000MHz. It comes in latency of CL38, CL40, and a voltage of 1.1V, 1.25V, and 1.35V.


The best thing about this RAM is that when you plug it into your motherboard, it will start at 4800MHz frequency, which is impressive, and it will give more frequency if required. Kingston has improved the efficiency of this DDR5 RAM by almost 50% more than older DDR4 RAMs, which will make this RAM more valuable and a good choice for buying. And the price of this DDR5 Ram is a bit lower than other expensive DDR5 RAMs, which is also a good point about this RAM.

Gaming Performance:

The Gaming performance on this RAM will be exceptional because it has a starting initial speed of 4800MHz, which will boost your gaming experience from start to end. This better starting speed will also increase the overall performance of your PC. This RAM is so easy at overclocking, and it can go up to 5400MHz, which will boost its performance more even, so an excellent choice for overclockers. This RAM comes with XMP 3.0, which will help you overclock the RAM easily and is also a good option for those who are not experts in overclocking.


  • Greater starting speed performance
  • starting speed at 4800MHz
  • Frequencies: 4800MHz, 5200MHz
  • Supports 12th Gen Intel® Coreâ„¢ CPU & Z690 Platform
  • Increased efficiency
  • Overclocks to 5400MHz
  • Low-profile heat spreader
  • Intel Z690 Chipset and 12th Gen Intel Core processors
  • XMP 3.0 Support


  • No RGB
  • Timings are a little higher than other competitors
View on Amazon $118.99 Newegg $159.50 Walmart $105.98 Best buy $319.99


We know that DDR5 RAMs are way faster than DDR4 RAMs, so if you are a gamer and want to get a super fast and quick responsive Gaming experience, you have DDR4 Ram inside your gaming PC, then upgrade it to DDR5. But before upgrading or buying DDR5 RAM, make sure your motherboard and processor are compatible with DDR5 RAM because Latest Intel Alder Lake Motherboards only support DDR5. Still, in the future, many other motherboards will also support it.

There’s a lot of difference between the CL timing of DDR5 and DDR4 Ram. This timing will affect your gaming performance so severely. If the timing of RAM is slower, then your gaming experience will get worse and will have high latency. The DDR5 RAMs are superfast and quick responses, and they come with excellent CL timing results, which will increase the responsiveness in-game. You feel very different by playing on your older ddr4 and this DDR5 RAM with quick response time and powerful performance.

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