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How To Install An AIO Cooler Onto The CPU
How To Install An AIO Cooler Onto The CPU

Information about AIO Cooler:

AIO Cooler is an All-In-One cooler, which is the most trending and beneficial cooler for any CPU. It cools down the CPU very quickly, and the AIO Cooler has more benefits than a normal CPU cooler. They provide better cooling than the other normal coolers. The AIO cooler is usable for 3-6 years, but not changing the thermal paste regularly between 3-5 months can have an impact on the lifespan of the Cooler, and also you should clean the cooler and Radiator.

In this article I will guide you about the installation of the AIO Cooler onto the CPU.

List Of Things Needed For Installation:

The following are the things needed for the installation of the AIO Cooler onto the CPU;


Fans and Fans Screws

Radiator Screws


AIO Cooler

Thermal Paste

Sockets etc.

Installation guide for AIO Cooler:

1. Removal of The Old Cooler:

Now I am gonna guide you through the major steps of installation of the AIO Cooler onto the CPU, So firstly, remove the normal cooler from the CPU, and you have to use the screw diver to remove the cooler, now slightly remove each screw one by one, So by doing this you can take out all the screws.

2. Removal Of The Old Thermal Paste:

After the removal of the old cooler, you will notice the old thermal paste present on the CPU, So for installation of the AIO cooler you have to remove that thermal paste, you will take a cloth and warm water to remove the old thermal paste from the CPU.

NZXT Kraken X73 RGB 360mm (Best AIO Coolers)
NZXT Kraken X73 RGB 360mm (Best AIO Coolers)

3. Separation Of Parts:

And then take out the AIO Cooler from the box. Secondly, separate all the parts of the AIO cooler,remove the protective cover from the pump. Fix the brackets around the pump and then take the screws.

4. Sockets:

For installation purposes, all of the AIO coolers come with different brackets. Each bracket comes with support for specific sockets, i.e. for AMD AM4 socket CPUs there is a separate bracket, and for Intel LGA sockets there are separate brackets. Fix the bracket around the water block.

5. Apply New Thermal Paste On The Processor:

Now lies the CPU flat and then for installation of the AIO cooler the basic thing is that you have to apply thermal paste on the processor, and the wait till it dry. You have to fix the pump of the AIO Cooler, after fixing the pump take the screws and mount the screws onto the pump.

Fix AIO Cooler on the top of the radiator in any direction that you want. The Radiator allows the cool air or fresh air to enter the CPU, and the fans move the air to the components or part of the CPU.

6. Fixing Of AIO Cooler:

For the fixing of the AIO Cooler on the top of the Radiator, you will take the help of screws. First, fix the wires, and then fix the AIO Cooler on the top with screws.

7. Brackets:

If you have an AMD processor fix the AMD Brackets on the back of motherboard, and if you have an Intel CPU fix the Intel brackets on the side of the motherboard. But remember sockets like LGA 1700, you will have to buy separate brackets for them. because most of the AIO Coolers don’t come with brackets for LGA 1700 sockets.

8. Wires Or Connectors:

And then fix all connectors like fan connecter, Pump connector, RGB connecter. Connect the pump connecter in pump header and connect the fan connecter in CPU fan header and all other wires or connecter in there places.

9. Testing Stage:

At last when all the construction is done and , then we will that check every thing is fix perfectly or not. For checking of it we will turn on the CPU, and the cooler will start lighting and it will starts movement. This was a simple and easy installation guide for AIO Cooler.It was all about AIO Cooler installation method hope you will understand every thing.

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