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Which DDR5 RAM Speed To Consider?
Which DDR5 RAM Speed To Consider?

Is DDR5 Ram Worth Buying?

Yes, DDR5 RAMs are the most advanced and latest technology-built RAMs, they come with the lowest CL timings which helps improve the overall speed of the PC, and makes the PC quicker than ever. As for gaming DDR5 Ram is always recommended and best to buy because they provide extremely high speed at lower temperatures so you can have your long gaming sessions without any fear of the Ram getting heated up.

DDR5 Are How Much Faster Than DDR4 RAM?

DDR5 Ram has very high speeds ranging from 4800MHz to 7200MHz, as compared to previous DDR4 Ram they were only able to reach the speed of 3600Hz and this was its peak speed which was only available in the expensive models which are still very very lower than the starting speed of DDR5, thus it shows the huge difference between both RAMs and makes it clear that DDR5 Ram is much better than DDR4.

What Are The Different Speed Range Of DDR5 Ram?

DDR5 Ram has very high speeds ranging from 4800MHz to 7200MHz, there are many different brands providing DDR5 RAMs, the first one is corsair which has its Corsair Dominator RAM which is the most powerful DDR5 Ram Available right now and it’s having a common speed of 5200MHz to 5600MHz. The second one is G.Skill Trident Z5 Which is the second-best RAM to consider right now and it is easily available in the speed range from 6000MHz to 7200MHz.

For buying guide, we have already published our best article about DDR5 Rams there we have mentioned all the best DDR5 RAMs available to consider and there are much more details and benchmarks about those RAMs you should check it out from here.

DDR5 RAMsSpeed Of RAMs
G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series6000-7200 MHz
CORSAIR Vengeance 32GB5200- 5600 MHz
Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB5200 Mhz
Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB6000 MHz
TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB6000 MHz
DDR5 RAMs Speed
DDR4 RAMsSpeed Of RAMs
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB3200 MHz
Silicon Power RAM 16GB3200 MHz
TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z 32GB3200 MHz
TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB 32GB3600 MHz
Crucial RAM 8GB2666MHz- 3200MHz
Silicon Power RAM 16GB3200 MHZ
DDR4 RAMs Speed

Which DDR5 RAM Speed Is Good To Buy In 2023?

The word RAM stands for Random Access Memory it is short-term memory and it is one of the basic and foundational elements of the PC. It stores the data which the processor is using. It is not only present in CPUs its also present in other computers like Tablets, Mobiles, Laptops, and smart TV. Every device has RAM.

For the best DDR5 Ram, I will say you should choose the one with enough speed required to handle your build, as I mentioned DDR5 Rams start at 4800MHz speed and ranges upto 7200Mhz, so it is simple if you are having the latest build with some high-end CPU like Intel Core i9-13900K or AMD RX 7900X then you should go for speed of 5600MHz to 7200Mhz which is the maximum speed. If you are having a mid-tier PC Build like intel core i5-12600K or i7-12700K then I will recommend going for any DDR5 Ram with a speed of 5200MHz to 6000MHz.

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Our Guide About Buying The BEST DDR5 RAMs

DDR5 Advantages:

RAM is very important because it loads programs and applications that are currently running, and the higher you have Ram Memory higher you can have active programs at a time, this further improves the overall performance of the PC. Also with enough DDR5 RAM, you can get better performance and speed as compared to the previous DDR4 Rams.

DDR5 At Gaming:

Best DDR5 RAMs Benchmarks At Battlefield V (1440P)
Best DDR5 RAMs Benchmarks At Battlefield V (1440P)

DDR5 Ram is much faster than DDR4 and this has a huge impact on gaming performance especially the latest games like Cyberpunk 2077, Horizon Zero Dawn, and other games that require a huge amount of power. These games are better to play only with DDR5 Ram because these games are big enough to slow down your loading time and launching of the game if you are having any DDR4 Ram, thus DDR5 does this better by providing extremely higher speed and making the loading of the game quick.


So it is concluded that DDR5 RAMs are much better than DDR4 RAMs, they speed up your PC and make the PC quicker and more efficient. Using DDR5 RAM will help the PC to load the files quickly, it gives better performance to your PC and also helps in fast gaming. If you want fast gaming and programming so using any other RAM will have many problems like low game loading, low program opening, and loading, low-quality performance, etc. They are also very expensive RAM their price is twice of DDR4 RAM and the performance of DDR5 RAM is also twice or double of DDR4 RAM.

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