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Best iPads For PUBG Mobile In 2023
Best iPads For PUBG Mobile In 2023

Best iPads For Pubg Mobile In 2023

PUBG Mobile is one of the most-played games ever made for Mobile devices whether it is IOS or Android. It is a totally free-to-play Battle-Royal Game released on 19 March 2019. This game has a separate fan base, people love playing it for hours and they are always engaged with their teammates through the voice chat of the game, which further makes this game addictive.

PUBG Mobile has very tough competition because its one of the best competitive battle-Royal games right now, and that’s why to master this game you will have to get a good device where you won’t face any Frame rate fluctuation or any kind of lag because lag has the highest impact in this game.

Advantages Of Playing PUBG Mobile On iPad:

To avoid lag you will need to get a good IOS device but if you want to totally master this game and play it better than the other players then you will have to go for an iPad because there you will have more advantage over mobile players, you can easily spot other players in the game even if they are far because you will have a larger display, the controls will be customized very well on iPad because of having more room for buttons.

There are many more advantages of playing PUBG Mobile on an iPad over a Smartphone, your game will register your clicks or touches more quickly which will directly improve your aim and KD ratio in the game, and for PUBG Mobile players the KD Ratio is the main statistic to Showcase.

My Own Experience With PUBG Mobile:

People know me as a PC Gamer but I will tell you that I have also played PUBG Mobile for two years before I use to play it on my PC by using Emulator then I had to shift to iPad because there were a lot of bugs and they were annoying me. I have gained better statistics on my iPad than I use to have on my emulator game, that is why I’m recommending you guys go for a good iPad where you can get the same statistics.

Below are my top recommendations on iPads for PUBG Mobile you can choose the one which fits you and start playing PUBG on it. I have recommended iPads for both 60 FPS and 90 FPS ranging in different prices.

Best iPads To Consider For PUBG Mobile In 2023:

Top 3 Best Ipads picks for pubg

Best Overall (90 FPS)

1. Apple iPad Pro (2022)

Apple iPad Pro (2022)
Apple iPad Pro (2022)

Mid-Range (90 FPS)

2. Apple iPad Pro (2021)

Apple iPad Pro (2021)
Apple iPad Pro (2021)

Best Budget (60 FPS)

3. Apple iPad Mini 6 (2021)

Ipad Mini 6 (2021)
Ipad Mini 6 (2021)

1. iPad Pro 12.9-Inch (2022) (M2 Chip)

Apple iPad Pro (2022)
Apple iPad Pro (2022)

Apple iPad Pro (2022) M2 Chip Review:

The new M2 chip has brought too much power into the Apple iPad Pro series and that’s one of the biggest reasons for these iPads being this expensive. The iPad Pro 2022 M2 chip is the same as the previous M1 chip iPad Pro 2021 is limited to design and display only, but the performance and power are very high on iPad Pro 2022 with the M2 chip.

Single-Core – Comparison With iPad M1 Chip:

Below we have the comparison chart for the Apple iPad Pro 2022 with an M2 chip and Apple iPad Pro 2021 with an M1 chip, which clearly shows how easily M2 is beating the previous M1 chipset iPads by CPU and GPU performance. The previous 5th generation iPad scored about 1704 on Geekbench Single Core whereas the latest M2 chip scored 1872 which means it’s about 20% faster than the previous one.

Single-Core – Comparison with Apple A122 Bionic Chip:

If we compare the iPad Pro 2022 (M2 chipset) to the 4th generation iPad then the performance difference will be too much as we can see in the below chart, the 4th generation which is using an Apple A122 Bionic chipset (Not an M1 chipset) has only scored 1121 on the single core where the M2 chipset is at 1872 meaning that the performance difference between these two iPads is about 45% which is insane.

Multi-Core – Comparison with M1 Chip and Apple 122 Bionic:

For Multi-core tests, the performance difference we got was almost the same as the above Single-core tests, iPad Pro 2022 (6th generation) scored 8411 whereas the 5th generation M1 chip scored 7206, on the other hand, the iPad Pro 4th generation was again far behind these two and has scored 4663 only, which means still iPad Pro 2022 is dominating all of the iPad.

Apple iPad Pro M2 vs iPad Pro M1 Performance and Benchmark Comparison
Apple iPad Pro M2 vs iPad Pro M1 Performance and Benchmark Comparison


For the camera in my opinion this is the best iPad with amazing camera features, there’s a high-performance ProRes encoding and decoding media engine installed which will allow you the super-smooth and faster conversation for videos to ProRes, also the video recording on this iPad is super-smooth because of its ProRes Video Capturing.


One of the unique features of this M2 iPad is the latest Pencil Hover which is only available on the M2 Chipset iPads, so the feature works like you have to hold the pencil over the icon of the application which you want to open and after a second or two it will pop-up a preview for that application without the need to touch on it or click it, so this feature is good for ease use.


Apple iPad Pro (2022)
Apple iPad Pro (2022)
  • Unchanged from the previous version
  • Two subdued color options
  • Two display sizes: 11-inch and 12.9-inch

Performance with PUBG Mobile:

The final and main topic which I want to talk about for this iPad is its PUBG Mobile Performance and that satisfied me the most, like I’m saying literally there’s no other phone or iPad on which PUBG Mobile performs like did on this iPad. It allows you to play PUBG Mobile at 90 frames with 4x anti-aliasing which will allow you to view the game with completely HD and soft corners and the graphics are amazing on this iPad.

Video Gameplay:

The Pros:

  • Trouble free, light and simple to handle
  • 120 Hz screen
  • USB type C thunderbolt port is very fast
  • Quad speaker sounds very well
  • The processor is capable to keep the device smooth
  • M2 chip installed for faster gaming and higher frame rates
  • Bright and color-deep display
  • Lots of tablet apps
  • The design isn’t changed but looks very good
  • First Apple devices that comes with the support for latest Wi-Fi 6e

The Cons:

  • The UI is not very user-friendly
  • Expensive pricing
  • Barely noticable performance difference between M2 and M1 chipsets
  • Only the 12.9-inch model gets the best Display
  • Same design as previous release

2. iPad Pro 2021

Apple iPad Pro (2021)
Apple iPad Pro (2021)

Apple iPad Pro (2021) M1 Chip Review:

Apple iPad 2021 with M1 Chipset is almost the same as the Latest M2 chipset iPad, the only difference between both iPad is the performance difference and the Pencil Hover feature which is only exclusive to the M2 chipset iPad. This iPad Pro comes with super-thin bezels allowing the maximum screen to view and play games at, it also has powerful speakers which will provide immersive audio even if you are not using headphones.

Performance Comparison:

The performance difference between these iPad are already shown on the above chart which I have explained for each iPad in detail, but let me make it easy for you guys so I’m going to give a short detail again, the M2 iPad 2022 is about 20% faster in performance as compared to iPad 2021 with M1 on both Single-core and Multi-core benchmarks.

Apple iPad Pro (2021)
Apple iPad Pro (2021)

If you don’t want to spend too much on an iPad and you think that spending this much money for a game doesn’t worth it, which is true, then I will recommend you to go for this iPad 2021 with M1 chipset because the performance is only 20% less for this iPad as compared to M2 chip but overall the design and everything is totally same as the M2 chipset iPad.

Experience With PUBG Mobile:

This iPad has powerful performance and instant loading potential meaning that your game will load super-fast with a click immediately, so this iPad totally worth the money because of its amazing performance. You can easily play PUBG Mobile at 90 Frames with anti-aliasing enabled at 4x like same as the M2 iPad but there the chances of Lag will be equal to zero in my opinion, and here you can see lag when the iPad gets heated up or used for too long.

Video Gameplay:

The Pros:

  • Exellent display
  • Battery is very stronge and has long life
  • extraordinary powerful
  • Thunder bolt support
  • 5G
  • Bright XDR display

The Cons:

  • Over expensive
  • Limited storage 128GB
  • Many software limitation
  • Awkward camera placement

3. Ipad Mini 6 (2021)

Ipad Mini 6 (2021)
Ipad Mini 6 (2021)

iPad Mini 6 (2021) Review:

iPad Mini 6 is one of my favorite iPad because it is smaller in size as compared to the Pro models, and this makes them easier to use and fit in hands, even you can play games on them while holding them in your hands but with iPad Pro models you will have to put iPad on a Stand or keep them on a flat surface to play because they are very large and cannot fit easily in hands.

iPad Mini 6 is also cheaper as compared to the Pro models and the performance is mind-blowing, it has a super-fast Apple A15 Bionic processor which will allow a quick and fast response with a smooth and hustle-free gaming experience.


The design of the iPad Mini 6 is very smooth and clean, as compared to Pro Models the display bezels are thicker but still,, it got enough screen on it, but I think that the main reason for this iPad having thick bezels is because this iPad is holdable in hands so if someone will hold their fingers probably will go on the touch which will cause trouble, so the thick bezels will prevent the iPad from unintentional touches.

The corners are totally rounded so the user can hold it easily without putting any effort. The major design change in this IPad is the location of volume buttons which is now on the top where the speakers are located.


Ipad Mini 6 (2021)
Ipad Mini 6 (2021)
  • 2,266 x 1,488 resolution (326 pixels per inch)
  • Wide color display (P3)
  • Fully laminated display
  • True Tone display
  • Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
  • Antireflective coating

Experience With PUBG Mobile:

I have personally tested iPad Mini 6 on PUBG Mobile and compared it with the iPad Pro 2021 with an M1 chip by playing a Room Battle, the results were quite shocking because every time iPad Mini 6 registered the fires before iPad Pro 2021 meaning that it was a clear win for iPad Mini 6 over Pro 2021, and the best thing is that I was playing on 90 frames with iPad Pro 2021 but still, it was not able to beat iPad Mini 6 in PUBG Mobile.

This shows how powerful iPad Mini 6 is and it totally worth buying for Playing PUBG Mobile, the only major con of this iPad is that it is not able to play PUBG Mobile on 90 frames because it comes with a 60 Hertz display.

Video Gameplay:

The Pros:

  • Portable and light
  • Speedy A15 Bionic processor
  • dazzling diplay
  • Fantastic webcam
  • USB-C charging
  • Apple Gen 2 pencil support

The Cons:

  • No smart connectors for magic keyboard and mouse
  • Expensive
  • NO advanced screen
  • No 3.5mm jack

4. Ipad Pro 2020

Apple iPad Pro 2020
Apple iPad Pro 2020

Apple iPad Pro 2020 Review:

I will say the Pro Series of Apple iPad is the best series, and that is because the older models are still very powerful and worth buying the example of that is this Apple iPad Pro 2020 which comes with Apple’s A12Z Bionic chipset which still has the capabilities to run your application and games much smoother as compared to many of the other smartphones and tablets released the previous year.

A12Z Bionic Chipset:

Apple iPad Pro 2020 also comes a bit on the budget side because it is an old model released in the year 2020, but I will say this iPad is still worth buying and you should consider it if you are not able to afford the latest Apple iPad Pro 2021 or 2022, those two iPads has Apple latest technology chipsets M1 and M2 but this one has A12Z Bionic. This A12Z Bionic chipset is also very powerful and speedy that’s why people are still interested in buying it.


The Tablet is designed very well, it has completely round edges, with thin bezels, as I already said the Pro models are always with thin bezels and the Mini ones come with thick bezels. The iPad is very solid in build quality as Apple products never compromise on quality, and the battery performance is just amazing, its battery can last up to 10 hours while using it.

Apple iPad Pro 2020 - Full Review
Apple iPad Pro 2020 – Full Review

120 Hz Display (90 FPS at PUBG):

The best thing about this iPad which I liked is its 120 Hz display meaning that you can play PUBG Mobile at 90 frames with this iPad and that will be a big advantage because 90 frames are much smoother as compared to 60 frames, and many of the people play with 60 Hz devices so you will be at a big advantage over them. Overall the gaming experience of this iPad is very much satisfying and with PUBG Mobile it’s just awesome, it has minimal chances of lag and the graphics are super HD.

Video Gameplay:

The Pros:

  • 120Hz pretty screen
  • Gen 2 Apple pencil
  • powerful and speedy
  • iPadOS gets more and more capable
  • Very excellent display
  • A12Z Bionic performance
  • stronge and durable battery
  • Grreat speaker for media

The Cons:

  • Face ID positioning can be awkward
  • Magic Keyboard accessory is too expensive
  • Some apps not optimized for trackpad
  • Rear cameras can’t do portraits or Night mode

5. Ipad 10th Generation (2022)

Apple iPad 10th Generation (2022)
Apple iPad 10th Generation (2022)
Apple iPad 10th Generation (2022)
Apple iPad 10th Generation (2022)

Ipad 10th Generation (2022) Review:

The final one and the most budget-friendly iPad is the 10th Generation Apple iPad which is just released in the previous year 2022, this iPad has some great features but the major con of this iPad is that with this high price tag still, it is only giving a 60Hz display refresh rate.


Overall the display of this iPad is amazingly good, it has Liquid Retina display with a 10.9-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Multi‑Touch display and has a 2360-by-1640-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi). It has 500 nits of brightness level which is good enough for a large-screen iPad.


The battery timing of this iPad is less as compared to the Pro 2020 which gives about 10 hours of battery backup but this one is only capable of 6 (Six) to 7(Seven) hours of battery backup. It also has a magic keyboard with a touchpad which you can use for typing and playing. The Pen you can use for drawing and other stuff.

Chipset and Performance:

The main component of this iPad is its processor or chipset. it comes with an A14 Bionic chipset which is one of the latest Bionic chipsets by Apple but as compared to M1 and M2 I guess it’s not that much powerful. This iPad is also very good at productivity like photo and video editing and the overall performance of this iPad is very satisfying with all other applications.

PUBG Mobile Experience:

For Apple iPad 10th generation you can get up to 60 frames at PUBG Mobile with no lag and maximum graphics settings can be Ultra HD at Extreme frame rates, the overall experience is very good at this iPad you can spot very easily in games because of its large display and the colors are bright enough to make the games look good.

Video Gameplay:

The Pros:

  • Durable battery
  • Slim design
  • A14 Biconic processor
  • Magic keyboard with touchpad
  • Landscape front-facing camera is superior to other iPad models
  • Advanced look and design
  • USB-C port

The Cons:

  • Very expensive than previous model
  • Apple Pencil awkward to charge
  • 64GB storage
  • Doesn’t support Stage Manager in iPadOS 16

Is it better to Play PUBG Mobile on iPad over Smartphone?

Yes, Pubg Mobile on iPad has many advantages as compared to a mobile phone, you will have a larger display which will help you spot more easily, you will have more room for button customizations, also the frame rates won’t drop and the lag will be minimal.

How much different is 90 FPS on PUBG Mobile as compared to 60 FPS?

As there is about 30 frames gap between both 60 and 90 FPS, I will tell you that still this difference doesn’t worth too much in PUBG Mobile because as far as I tested iPad mini 6 with 60 FPS has beaten Ipad Pro 2020 with 90 FPS almost all the time in TDM Room Match, which clarifies that iPad mini 6 with 60 FPS is much powerful.

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