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The Best Cable Management Guide In 2023:

Cable management is a process where we can hide our bulky cables at some hidden spots in the PC Case, most of the good Cable management PC Cases come with a separate place where you can tie your cables and hide them. Good Cable management helps improve airflow and also provides a clear view of your PC Components inside the Case.

How Do I Best Cable Manage My PC In 2023?
How Do I Best Cable Manage My PC In 2023?

Benefits Of Good Cable Management:

As I said good cable management is nowadays very necessary for your PC Builds as the components becoming more power-hungry and now they reach higher temperatures, so there should be no bulky cables that can have an impact on the airflow of your setup.

There are quite a few benefits of having good cable management, I have explained them below.

1. Easy To Troubleshoot Your PC:

Cable managing your PC is one of the crucial steps that everyone should be concerned about it because, with good cable management, your PC will be easy to troubleshoot, if something wrong happens to any component installed on the motherboard you can easily fix it, and if you want to remove or install any component that will be quick and easy.

2. Better Airflow:

The second major advantage of good cable management is better Airflow which will allow better cooling and temperature control of the motherboard and all the components installed on the motherboard.

3. Clean Look:

With good cable management, your PC or setup will look very clean and smooth, there will be no bulky wires or power cables shown inside the case which will directly improve the look of your Build and RGB will glow up better than before with the components catching more eyes.

Must For Gamers:

For gamers and workstation PCs, I will also recommend very good cable management because they need better temperature control as their PC temperature can rise anytime with higher CPU and GPU usage due to heavy work done. If you are one of them then make sure you follow our guide to cable manage your PC and get the leverage performance out of your PC.

Step-wise Guide to Cable Manage your PC:

1. Working On Your PC Case:

First of all, for good cable management, I will recommend using a PC Case with a separate route for cables at the back of the case where the cables will not be spotted from outside, if you don’t have them still you can do some fixes to your current PC Case to make it better.

To improve your current case cable management you can try making a way for the cables from a side or corner in the case and should not directly settle them over the motherboard which will look very bulky.

2. Best PSU Type For Cable Management:

The second step is that you have to check whether your PSU is Fully-Modular, Semi-Modular, or Non-Modular because the type of PSU is the key to cable management.

PSU Recommendation For Good Cable Management Of the PC

Fully-Modular PSU:

If you are having Fully-Modular PSU then you can have the best cable management by removing the cables that are not in use because Fully-Modular PSU allows you to remove all the cables and plug them back in when you want, basically, they are detachable.

Semi-Modular PSU:

If you are having Semi-Modular PSU then you can still remove the cables that are not important for any PC Build, but the cables like 24-pin, 8-pin CPU, and a PCIe cable are not detachable, rest of all the cables you can remove them are not in use.

Non-Modular PSU:

The last option is a Non-Modular PSU which is also the most budget PSU and many people are still using them, but the disadvantage of a Non-Modular PSU is that you cannot remove any cable from the PSU because all the cables there are attached and are not detachable, so then you will have to wrap a band around your cables and make them stick together which will help cable manage your PC.

If you are looking to upgrade your PSU then make sure you take an idea from our guide about “Best PSUs For RTX 4090 with Intel Core i9-13900K In 2023“, this guide has PSUs mentioned that you can use with any build.

3. Which SSD Is the Better Option For Cable Management?

Which SSD Is Better Option for Cable Management?
Which SSD Is the Better Option for Cable Management?

For giving a boost to your cable management you can upgrade your HDD or SSD to M.2 Drives because they are cable-less and plugs into the motherboard directly. M.2 SSDs are also extremely fast as compared to SATA SSDs they can perform 5x faster.

Keep in mind that M.2 Drives are only installable on the motherboards with M.2 slots, so make sure you check your motherboard whether it is having a slot for M.2 or not before upgrading your SSD.

If you don’t have knowledge about installing NVMe M.2 SSDs then you should read our guide “Easy Installation Guide For M.2 NVME SSD“.

4. Use Cable Ties:

The final step you can take is to apply cable ties on all the cables and tie them together which will allow cables to take less space and you can have more space left free in your case which will also improve cable management of the PC. You can also use to avoid using any extra cable splitters and other cable stuff like that, so it will save you more space.

Using Cable Ties For Cable Management
Using Cable Ties For Cable Management

How Does bad cable management affect PC?

Bad cable management can be a serious issue especially if it affects the performance of the PC by limiting the airflow to the major components installed on the motherboard, as the airflow limits to those components this directly raises the temperature of those components and they start performance fluctuations.

How do I manage all my cables?

If you are having too many cables in your PC but all of them are in use then you should use Cable Ties to tie them up and side-lock them using any clipper attached to the corner of the PC Case. This method will work and will help improve the airflow of the PC too.

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