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How To Install RGB Fans On PC?
How To Install RGB Fans On PC?

Easily Method To Install RGB Case Fans In Your PC:

Gamers are now more attracted to the lighting and looks of their builds than before, as this is all happening because of the beautiful RGB fans and RGB strips coming out into the market with much improvement day by day. The problem is the installation of those RGB fans, coolers, or strips, which can easily confuse a person who is installing these RGB components in his PC for the very first time, that’s why we have brought an easy and simple RGB installation guide for all of those people who are suffering with their RGB components installation.

RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue these colors mix to form a spectrum when the fans are moving and they give an attractive look to your PC. There are many RGB fans but the most famous and good fans are 120mm, 140mm, and 200mm.

Your PC needs good airflow and quick cooling, especially when it is overheated or overused. For better cooling performance you need to get some quality fans for your PC. Now people are more attracted to RGB lighting why it is better to buy the best Quality RGB fans for your PC instead of non-RGB fans, and for Installation of RGB fans, we have brought this proper and easy guide that will help you install your RGB Fans within 5 minutes.

This guide is for people who have no knowledge of installing RGB Case Fans in P, so after reading this article you will be able to install RGB fans onto the PC.

Things Required For Installation of RGB Fans:

The following are the main thing needed for the installation of fans:

  1. RGB Fans
  2. 3-pin connectors or 4-pin connectors
  3. Screws
  4. Screw Driver


The following are the key steps to Install RGB fans:

1. Setting up Your RGB Fans To Install:

Simply take the fans out of the box and unpack them. You will get the RGB fans, some screws, and connectors. If the screws and connector are not present so you will buy them separately because they are both required for the installation.

2. Remove Old Fans:

First, take off the front panel of your PC, or if you are installing the fans at the top or rear panel then make them clean of dust and make sure you have enough space there to install fans. To install new fans the removal of the old fans is necessary, so take a screwdriver and open all the screws of your old fans. Now take the old fans out of the PC.

3. Connectors and RGB Fan Header:

Now take the connectors i.e 3-pin or 4-pin connectors. In the motherboard, Find the appropriate RGB header in your motherboard where you will fix the fans. Now plug the RGB connectors in the RGB headers of the motherboard if you are not using any RGB controller.

RGB Fan Header
RGB Fan Header

The above image shows the 4pin RGB Fan header in a motherboard, this header will be available in all motherboards if you are using a very old motherboard still it will have a 3pin RGB header which will work the same as this, so all you need to do is to plug your Fans power connector to this RGB Fan header in your motherboard which will provide power to the fans.

After the above step your fan installation is almost completed.

4. RGB Controller:

Corsair iCUE Commander PRO Smart RGB Lighting and Fan Speed Controller - Best RGB Controllers
Corsair iCUE Commander PRO Smart RGB Lighting and Fan Speed Controller – Best RGB Controllers

If you are concerned about the total number of RGB headers in your motherboard and you need more headers then you can go for an RGB controller which comes with six separate RGB headers and allows the installation of up to six RGB fans or any other RGB components. RGB Controllers are very useful and are also necessary for multiple RGB fan installation because it makes the installation simple and free of bulky wires.

5. Testing If the RGB Fans Are Working:

Now, all done, so need to test the fans if they are working or not. If everything is done correctly and the fans are fine then they should work. You can test the fans by turning on your PC and after the PC Boots, the RGB Fans will immediately light up. If the fans light up correctly then it means you have successfully installed your RGB Case Fans.

6. Software To Control RGB:

The only method to control your all RGB lighting whether of fans or any other RGB component installed on your motherboard is to use proper RGB software. There are many RGB software like Corsair iCUE and Node Pro etc, by using this software you can easily control the RGB effects of the fans, and also the speed of the fans.

In many controllers, there are many other features available too, like gaming mode which allows higher fan speed, and efficient mode which limits the RGB lighting to reduce power usage. If you are looking to buy a perfect RGB controller for your fans then you should read our article about the best RGB controllers of 2023.

If you are looking for the best RGB Case Fans to buy that are good for airflow and static pressure then you should read our guide about the best 120mm RGB Case fans, and the Best 140mm RGB Case Fans In 2023.

Video Explanation Of Connectors and RGB Fans:


Q1: What connectors are required for the installation of RGB fans?

Ans: 3-pin connectors and 4-pin connectors are required for the installation of RGB fans.

Q2: Is a controller necessary for the installation of RGB fans?

Ans: It’s not necessary you can simply connect your fans to the motherboard but if you are connecting multiple fans so then the controller is necessary.

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