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5 Reasons You Should Use Safari On Your Mac

5 Reasons You Should Use Safari On Your Mac
5 Reasons You Should Use Safari On Your Mac

Nothing in life seems permanent anymore. After all, everyone is spoiled for choice. If not Netflix, there’s Disney+ or Hulu. If not Apple Music, there’s Spotify or Soundcloud. In fact, people don’t even think twice before falling out of love because so many options are yet to be explored.

Similarly, it is too high an expectation to think you’ll stick to one web browser even if it gives you trouble. Let’s take Safari, for instance. This is the default Mac browser and runs fine, except sometimes when it keeps crashing and freezes. Some of the reasons why Safari keeps crashing are:

⦁ Too many CPU-intensive tabs are opened simultaneously
⦁ There’s no free RAM
⦁ The extensions are misbehaving
⦁ The macOS version isn’t updated

These problems are common and not alarming enough to create panic. But if it affects your workflow, you can go through this troubleshooting guide and get back on track.

Despite freezing or crashing sometimes, Safari is the best option for Mac users. Here’s why.

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1. Safari Is Optimized To Consume Less Power

Wouldn’t you love it if your laptop lasted a long time? It would surely be a dream come true if you were working while traveling.

Anyone who has used Google Chrome on their Mac knows that it eats through the system’s resources and quickly drains the battery. For those who don’t know, quick power consumption is one of the primary reasons you shouldn’t use Chrome on your Mac.

Apple has optimized Safari to be extremely energy efficient. The browser handles RAM management when surfing the Internet and sips power from the system.

The bottom line, use Safari to extend your Mac’s battery life.

2. It Perfectly Syncs With iPad And iPhone

Safari works excellently across Apple devices. Thanks to iCloud sync, you can access shared favorites and tabs from any of your Apple devices.

You can open a new tab on Safari on your Mac and scroll down to see the rest of the tabs you have open on your iPhone or iPad. However, for this to work, you must use the same Apple ID across your devices.

Apple’s Save for Later bookmarking feature and Reading List sync between Apple devices. The extensions will sync across devices if you use iOS 16 and macOS 13.

3. Safari Offers a Privacy Report

As you know, Apple takes privacy seriously and has a good track record of giving users control over their data. In addition, Apple takes necessary steps to ensure privacy for users with hardware and software.

To that end, Safari provides users with Privacy Report. This report demonstrates to users how the browser has prevented trackers from following them across different sites. This feature also details the number of trackers the browser prevented from identifying the users and the percentage of sites that contacted trackers.

4. iCloud Keychain

Thanks to iCloud Keychain, all the login credentials are stored in the cloud. This allows users to access them easily on any device. In addition, since this feature works with Safari across all Apple devices, it allows users to use 2FA, recall login information and create strong passwords for all their online accounts.

Furthermore, the feature scans the existing password databases and informs users if any of their passwords were a victim of data breaches.

While you can use iCloud Keychain to remember your login credentials and passwords, Apple is working toward Passkeys. If you upgrade to macOS Ventura, you can use Passkeys with Safari, and this is a password-less digital key that keeps your accounts safe.

5. Private Relay For iCloud+ Subscribers

Thanks to Private Relay, users enjoy greater privacy while surfing the Internet using Safari. In addition, the feature is readily available to iCloud+ subscribers.

With iCloud+ Private Relay enabled, the data leaving your system will be encrypted. Then, a random IP address will be assigned on one server, and the other service will decrypt the web request.

In essence, Private Relay stops short of being a virtual private network or VPN. However, you may not need Private Relay if you already use a VPN.

If these five reasons don’t convince you, here are some drawbacks of using Google Chrome. Since Chrome is the second preferred choice of Mac users after Safari, the focus is only on Chrome.

  • Chrome extensions are limited to desktops. Most of them are not available on mobile devices.
  • Chrome drains more power than Safari and is known for hogging RAM.
  • Google’s revenue is primarily ad-based. Therefore, Google is constantly trying to acquire information about its users. If you use Chrome, your privacy is at risk.
  • Chrome doesn’t support users using macOS High Sierra or older, but Safari is available for all macOS versions.

Considering the above points, you must think twice before discarding Safari in favor of Chrome or any other web browser. Remember, no browser’s perfect. A little trouble is expected from them all!

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