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GTA V Guide And Cheat Codes For PC In 2023

GTA V is one of the most played Open-world PC games. This game is not only famous on PC but it’s one of the most famous games on all gaming consoles like PS4, PS5, and Xbox. This game has some brilliant graphics with a great story, it has a total of three characters Franklin, Micheal, and Trevor. All three characters will be controlled by you while playing it.

The game has tons of different cars that you can drive through the beaches, roads, bridges, and highways. The missions in this game are based on thefts and money and most are like money heists. I personally have played this game for years, and I loved it. It is still my favorite game, and my favorite character was Franklin and his dog named Chop.

GTA V also has an online version of the game which is paid but that’s better than the offline version because there are a lot of new things to do in-game, and you can also talk with your friends and interact with them.

GTA V Guide And Cheat Codes In 2023
GTA V Guide And Cheat Codes In 2023

GTA V Complete PC Cheats Codes Of 2023:

Playing a game like GTA V is every gamer’s dream and the ones playing this game have really loved it, but still, their satisfaction is not yet completed because there is still a lot more to do in this game and that can be taken by using cheat codes. The below list will describe all the cheat codes available right now in the GTA V game, all these Cheats are for PC only and we have also detailed the functions of those cheats.

  1. Drunk ModeLIQUOR
    By applying this cheat the game character will get drunk and will not be able easily and will walk like falling.
  2. Fast RunCATCHME
    By applying this cheat the character will run super-fast and you will be able to chase down cars even.
  3. Fast SwimGOTGILLS
    This cheat is not very useful except if you are on the beach or having a swimming mission, it actually makes the character swim super-fast.
  4. Invincibility / God ModePAINKILLER
    This cheat code is best but it only lasts for 5 minutes, this cheat code makes the character invulnerable, which means that it will not take damage from falling or punches, even from car accidents.
  5. Max Health & ArmorTURTLE
    Your ammo and health bar will be refilled.
  6. Slow Motion AimDEADEYE
    You will steady and slow aiming. You can enter the code up to three times to increase the effect. If you enter it a fifth time, the cheat will be disabled.
  7. ParachuteSKYDIVE
    This cheat code will provide you with a parachute. Just equip it and you can activate it by pressing the LEFTBUTTON.
  8. Weapons / GunsTOOLUP
    This cheat code is for getting all Weapons in the game, You will get all weapons along with full bullets by activating this code.
  9. Raise Wanted LevelFUGITIVE
    This cheat code is one of the best for having some trillers in the game and getting rid of your boredom, this cheat code will make the cops chase you so brutally.
  10. High JumpHOPTOIT
    If you want to reach some places that are not easy to go to, then you can use this cheat code and jump over houses, shops, and bridges. This cheat code will make the game character jump 3x higher than before.
  11. Recharge and regain special abilitiesPOWERUP
    If you played a game for a long time and the character is looking tired and lazy then you can use this cheat code to regain its special abilities and make it fresh like normal, this also happens when you eat in-game.
  12. Exploding BulletsHIGHEX
    The bullets that go from your weapons will explode after being fired by using this cheat code.
  13. Fire-bulletsINCENDAIRY
    The bullets will be inflamed by using this cheat code.
  14. Fall from the sky with no parachute: SKYFALL
    This is for a unique experience, after using this cheat code you will immediately fall from height and there will be no parachute.
  15. Change Weather To Overcast or RainyMAKEITRAIN
    If you are not liking the weather you can use this cheat code to make it rain.
  16. Change WeatherMAKEITRAIN
    Each time you use this cheat code the in-game weather will swap between: sunny, clear, cloudy, smoggy, overcast, rainy, thundery, clearing, and snowing.
  17. Director ModeJRTALENT
    Using this cheat code will put the game into director mode and you will be playing as an NPC, NPCs are Pedestrians which is a non-playable characters in-game.
  18. Moon GravityFLOATER
    You will have less gravity while driving any car by using this cheat code and feel like you are on the moon. Hold down SPACEBAR and you’ll float in the air.
  19. Slippery Cars: SNOWDAY
    This cheat code works like having snow cars in your cars and then your cars will slip all over the roads, it will making them easier to drift but harder to drive.
  20. Slow MotionSLOWMO
    This cheat code will put the game into slow mode, everything around you will be slowed down even the vehicles will go slowly, if you use this cheat code up to three times then it will be adding to the effect of the cheat code but the fourth time cheat will be disabled.
  21. Spawn BMXBANDIT
    Spawn you a classic BMX.
  22. Spawn BuzzardBUZZOFF
    Spawns the Buzzard attack chopper with missiles and machine gun ammo.
  23. Spawn CaddyHOLEIN1
    Spawns a golf cart in case you feel like playing a round.
  24. Spawn CometCOMET
    Spawns the Comet two-door sports car.
  25. Spawn DusterFLYSPRAY
    Spawns a crop duster plane.
  26. Spawn LimoVINEWOOD
    Spawns a stretch limo for you.
  27. Spawn PCJ-600ROCKET
    Spawns the PCJ-600 sports bike, in case you need to get somewhere in a hurry.
  28. Spawn Rapid GTRAPIDGT
    Spawns the Rapid GT sports car.
  29. Spawn SanchezOFFROAD
    Spawns the Sanchez dirtbike.
  30. Spawn Stunt PlaneBARNSTORM
    Spawns an aerobatic stunt plane.
  31. Spawn TrashmasterTRASHED
    Spawns a garbage truck, the Trashmaster.
  32. Spawn Duke O’DeathDEATHCAR
    Unlock the Duke O’Death car by completing the “Duel” random event.
  33. Spawn Kraken SubBUBBLES
    Unlock the Kraken submarine by completing the “Wildlife Photography Challenge” (snap pictures of all 20 animals in the game). There is no other marine craft cheat in the game.

How to use these cheats in GTA V (PC)?

For using these cheats in the game you will need to first go to the console by pressing (~) this button on your keyboard, then a dialog box will appear on the screen where you can type, there you will have to type the above-desired cheat codes and after that click enter button to apply the cheat code in the game.

If you don’t know which button is the Console (~) button then I’m attaching an image of the keyboard pointing to the console button so you can easily find it on your keyboard.

Console Button For Using Cheats In GTA V
Console Button For Using Cheats In GTA V (Image WIki)

Complete Cheat Codes Video Of GTA V PC:

If you still could not understand how the cheat codes work in GTA V then you can watch the video below where all the cheat codes are applied and can be visible clearly, you can do the same process and get your work done for the cheat codes.

GTA V Cheat Gameplay Full Video

Will using these cheat codes get me banned from playing GTA V?

No, there is no ban for using cheat codes in GTA V. This game is an open-world game and this is only made for fun it’s not any kind of competitive game and by using these cheat codes there will be no issue with the game and your gaming experience but you cannot use these cheats in GTA V Online because that requires a fair gaming environment, and that will not let you use any of these cheats.

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