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Is ChatGPT Safe To Use In 2023?
Is ChatGPT Safe To Use In 2023?

Is Chat GPT Safe To Use? Pros and Cons 2023

The first thing I will say is that ChatGPT has overall adverse effects on the world of the internet, from the date ChatGPT came into the eyes of people and they started using it the risks of getting hacked and spammed have increased by 70% because this tool can be used by phishers to send spam emails and write harmful content on different blogs.

Can help you learn Programming: (Pros)

ChatGPT also has some good uses like people can learn programming languages from it by giving it a command to write your desired codes and they can fix your problems within your code if you provide them the code. One more big advantage of ChatGPT is for students because they can learn anything from ChatGPT for their studies and also it can help solve their homework and stuff.

ChatGPT Used For Generating HTML Webpage - Pros
ChatGPT Used For Generating HTML Webpage – Pros
ChatGPT Used For Generating CSS for the HTML Webpage - Pros
ChatGPT Used For Generating CSS for the HTML Webpage – Pros

An example Is below in the video:

I have personally made this video for showing you guys, this video will show clearly how easily ChatGPT can write codes for you and fix your problems also will help you do your hours of work within a few minutes.

Increased the ratio of AI Content on the Internet: (Con)

With all these benefits of ChatGPT, many of the large technology-related companies and wise people are not happy at all with ChatGPT because of increasing the risks for internet users this tool is also used for generating AI Content which will also increase the rate of bad content on different websites because the AI Content is also a type of scrapped content which is not valuable to the users.

Google is the best of all search engine of all time, and Google is also avoiding AI Content also the websites that are using AI-generated content, they have re-ranked tons of websites using AI or ChatGPT-generated Content so in short now AI is no more useful for generating that scrapped content better every blogger should write their own human written content which will give a good ranking boost.

The Pros:

  • Give us exact and clear information
  • give unique solution in different ways
  • unlimited in use
  • improved natural language understanding
  • Easy to learn and study from ChatGPT
  • Available for free

The Cons:

  • Cannot be used as authenic source of information
  • risk of copying
  • no personal experience

Top Risks Of Using ChatGPT:

1. Same and Copied Content on multiple sites:

If you are using Content from ChatGPT then you are at a huge risk of publishing copied content which is not good for SEO and search engines rankings, because the same content ChatGPT will generate for someone else which you were provided with by ChatGPT, so make sure you aren’t using any AI Content in your blogs or websites.

2. High Risk of Spams:

ChatGPT is an AI Tool that can be used by bad people too, so when they use it they can generate codes for spamming emails, messages, and many more. Spamming is a big risk for the internet right now and many AI tools are providing spam codes for free, so this decreases the trust rate for AI tools in the market.

3. Data Leaking is easy from ChatGPT:

ChatGPT is not a well-secured tool so your Data is not safe there, you can lose your data anytime. We all know that there is no application available from ChatGPT so we have to access it through our web browsers, and web browsers can have data breaches which will allow the attackers to steal your logins and other information, then they steal all your important data, along with codes and work you did on ChatGPT.

4, Helps attackers to gain unauthorized access:

ChatGPT can help attackers by providing them codes and baiting techniques for stealing other’s logins and login tokens, so this Tool, in my opinion, is not good for the internet right now till a very good update comes where people cannot get these kinds of codes through ChatGPT or any other AI tool.

How to avoid getting at risk from ChatGPT?

  1. The first thing you should do is to never share your personal information with ChatGPT because all data can be used for your bad and also can be stolen by attackers.
  2. Never click on any link which looks suspicious because with a single click, the attackers can steal all of your data and you won’t get enough time to stop them.
  3. For further safety, you can install strong anti-virus software that will stop any kind of malware installed on your device.
  4. The last one is to not take any serious and physical advice from ChatGPT like advice about your health, and relationships, also do not let ChatGPT give you opinions about your life.


  1. Is ChatGPT Free?
    Yes, ChatGPT is totally free to use and it is also available on all platforms.
  2. Is ChatGPT good to use for studying purposes?
    Yes, one of the major benefits you can take from ChatGPT is to improve your learning and study well, so make sure you use it for good purposes only.
  3. ChatGPT is bad for content writers?
    yes, it will destroy content writers if it is used for bad, because the ratio of copied content can increase with this, and also biased content can be published on the internet.

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