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How to keep your pc cool

Ways To Keep Your PC Cool While Using:

As we know that every PC needs good airflow to reduce heat, so it’s important to improve the airflow of your PC. In this article, I gonna guide you about improving the airflow of your PC. If you think that heat cannot damage your PC so you are wrong, more heat can definitely damage the internal components of your PC such as the CPU, RAM, and GPU.

Effects Of High Temperature:

The safe temperature for any PC whether gaming or normal PC is at a maximum 80-degree Centigrade or below 80-degree Centigrade. Somehow if your PC is giving a temperature above 80 or close to 100C then that means there is something wrong and unhealthy going on with your pc, whether that is the Case fans or CPU Fans, or it can be a CPU Cooler.

To find out what’s wrong with your PC follow the below procedure and guide to prevent any serious damage to your PC.


You should adopt the methods below to improve the airflow of your PC.

  1. Check whether fans are working properly or not
  2. Use AIO Coolers for better results on the CPU
  3. Changing the old thermal paste
  4. Shut down your computer when not in use
  5. Close Unnecessary Browser Tabs
  6. Keep device storage clean
  7. Check for viruses
  8. Use a good airflow PC Case

To Improve Airflow Of PC:

As you know that maintaining good airflow is important to cool down your PC, for good airflow your PC wants good quality fans that work properly and should get cleaned after some time of being used because dust can easily get stuck to the blades of fans. Below are the few best ways to improve your airflow:

1. Check Whether Fans Are Working Or Not:

If your PC is overheated you should check your fans that whether they are working properly or not. If your Fans are noisy so you can check them through these methods:

  1. When you turn on your PC fans will produce sound.
  2. Put your hand near the computer’s fan grille so you will feel for vibration

If your fans are quiet so you should:

  • turn on the torch and with the help of light you can see whether fans are moving or not

If your fans are not working so that’s the main reason for overheating you should replace your fans.

2. AIO Coolers:

Lian Li GA-360A Galahad AIO 360 RGB White CPU Liquid AIO Cooler
Lian Li GA-360A Galahad AIO 360 RGB White CPU Liquid AIO Cooler

To improve the airflow of your PC or to stop it from overheating you should use a good CPU cooler because in any PC the most heat is generated by a CPU that’s why it’s very beneficial to have a good CPU cooler which will improve the overall performance of the PC. I will recommend using an AIO Cooler for your CPU because AIO Coolers are capable of better heat dissipation and can perform up to 30% better than normal CPU coolers.

3. Change The Thermal Paste:

All computer users are familiar with the thermal paste it is a silvery grey substance, and we use it for coating components such as the CPU, Coolers, and GPUs, it is also used for purposes like fixing and filling microscopic imperfections, etc. Thermal paste is necessary for computers because it reduces heat and cools down your PC. Changing the old thermal paste can cool down your PC.

4. Shut Down Your Computer When not in use:

When your computer is not in use so you should turn it off or shut down it this is the easiest way to stop your computer from overheating.

5. Unnecessary Browser Tabs:

keeping open unnecessary browser tabs can also be the cause of overheating, due to more workload your PC gets heated so you should shut down all the unnecessary browser tabs to cool it down.

6. Cleaning Of Computer:

You should clean your computer it doesn’t mean washing it with water, it means removing unwanted files, freeing up it from viruses, and keeping your hard drives free from unwanted storage.


So it is concluded that you should prevent your PC from heating by shutting down your PC when it is free, removing unwanted files, freeing it from viruses, shutting down all the unnecessary browser tabs, Changing the old thermal paste, and using AIO Coolers. These are the easiest ways to cool down your PC and prevent it from overheating.

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