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Best Safe And Free VPNs For Windows 10 In 2023
Best Safe And Free VPNs For Windows 10 In 2023

Top 5 Best Free VPNs For Windows, Android, And IOS

  1. Hot Spot Shield VPN
  2. Tunnel Bear Free VPN
  3. Turbo Free VPN
  4. SurfShark VPN
  5. Cyber Ghost VPN

1. Hot Spot Shield VPN (Free)

Hot Spot Shield Free VPNSpecifications
Ratings 4.7★★★★★
Money-Back Guarantee45 Days
Does it keep logs?No
Total Servers1800
Number of devices on a single account5
Kill switchYes
Based in-countryUnited States
Support24/7 Live Chat Support
Supports torrentingYes
 Hot Spot Shield Review
Hot Spot Shield Review



  • So many server locations
  • Split-tunneling by domain
  • Hefty services bundle
  • The fastest VPN available
  • Apps are free of IP, DNS & WebRTC leaks
  • The paid app unlocks HBO, Hulu, and DAZN, & allows torrenting
  • Large VPN server network: 80 countries


  • Based in the privacy-unfriendly US
  • Doesn’t often work in China
  • Free app shares information with advertisers
  • Gathers significant, but anonymous, data

Hot Spot Shield Review:

Hot Stop Shield is one of the most oldest and famous VPN brands providing the service for free and also has premium plans. Hot spot shield has over 670 Million Users or downloads. This VPN has the best of all features and the most reliable speed with no annoying ads all over like other VPNs. Hot stop shield is a Free VPN that is available for any platform like Windows, Android, and IOS it has over 1800 different servers and it is having Different countries’ servers or connections with over 80 countries.

It is based inside the USA and the servers are faster if you are using the closest servers around your country location. It has full 24 hours support if any issue came or you had some questions you can ask anytime from the support team they will help you out. Hot spot shield is currently ranked at the top of the most downloaded apps in the google play store and also in the USA, it is ranked in the top 8th app right now.

For Streaming:

For streaming, you can use this VPN because it will give you the best and most comfortable watching time because of its stable speed it won’t slow down in between and it will also buffer your movies so perfectly that you can just jump from one duration to another. You can use it for Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and also other streaming apps.

Free Plan Hot Spot ShieldDetails
Number of server locations1 Server (US) Free
Supported devicesMac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Chrome
At a time VPN connections1
Data limit500 MB every day
Speed limit2 Mbps

Download Speed & Upload Speed:

The average download speed of this VPN is up to 70Mbps which is a very high speed and the upload speed is around 5Mbps.

On different servers, it will give different download and upload speeds the below one is tested with US servers.

US Server: Below

Hot Spot Shield Download Speed & Upload Speed
Hot Spot Shield Download Speed & Upload Speed

UK Server: 62Mbps

Germany Server: 64Mbps

Honk Kong Server: 67Mbps

One of the best things is in this VPN is that it doesn’t keep the log data of your searches or usage so it is a fully private and protected VPN.

2. Tunnel Bear VPN (Free)

Tunnel Bear VPNDetails
Logs:Light logging
Price:from $3.33/month
Support:Knowledge base, FAQs, support tickets
Locations:26 countries
Torrenting:Not Available
 Tunnel Bear Free VPN
Tunnel Bear Free VPN



  • Kill switch protects web activity if VPN cuts out
  • AES-256 encryption hides web traffic and IP addresses
  • Dynamic IP addresses


  • The free plan is better than other VPNs
  • Better streaming
  • Strong security features
  • Bright and Enjoyable theme
  • Easy to use


  • Unstable connections sometimes
  • Lacks live chat support
  • Can be slow
  • Some packages are expensive
  • No Netflix
  • No Torrent
Speed Test
Without VPN116.71 Mbps Download – 29.98 Mbps Upload
With VPN54.85 Mbps Download – 5.29 Mbps Upload
Ping Test
Without VPN11 ms
With VPN31 ms

Tunnel Bear VPN Review:

Tunnelbear is one of the most famous VPNs around the world which is available for any platform Android Windows or iOS. It was released or founded in 2011 in Canada Toronto. Tunnelbear VPN comes with 23 different services from different countries and you will get the best speed if you are close to the server location you have chosen, if you are country is near the service location then you will get better speed but if you are far from the server location we will get a bit of slow speed.


Tunnel Bear has no Data logging which means it won’t save your log data and your privacy will be protected. But as in Hot spot Shield VPN, we can watch Netflix But here it is not possible. Tunnel Bear VPN comes with a Split tunneling Feature you can call it split bear feature in this VPN what it does is that it routes websites traffic to your ISP internet service provider with this feature you can watch Netflix on the USA server and a few other servers, u cant watch Netflix.

No Torrent Supported:

One more drawback of this VPN is that you can’t download Torrents on this VPN because it doesn’t support P2P downloads so if you want you are Torrents to get downloaded over a VPN you should get a VPN that supports P2P downloads.

3. Turbo VPN (Free)

Turbo VPN FreeSpecs
Money-Back Guarantee30 Days
Does VPN keep logs?No
Number of servers21000
Number of devices per license5
Kill switchYes
Based in-countrySingapore
Supports torrentingNo
Streaming AppsDetails
Netflix USNot Working
Amazon Prime VideoNot Working
Disney+Not Working
HotstarNot Working
HBO MaxWorking

List of all the TurboVPN VIP servers:

Servers Servers Servers
ArgentinaTaiwanNew Zealand
DenmarkUAESouth Africa
FranceIndiaSouth Korea
Hong KongMexicoSwitzerland


Turbo VPN Review:

Turbo VPN is one of the most downloaded VPNs for the Android platform but it comes on all platforms like Windows IOS and Android. You can completely use this VPN for free but it has some limitations if you visited any Netflix or HBO live streaming serials like this then you will get a notification that it can’t be played here, but one more thing is that it is a bad VPN for streaming still if you bought a premium plan for it.


You cannot watch Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hotstar, but you can watch Crunchyroll, HBO Max, Hulu, etc on it. This VPN also has some issues with the security it is been caught this VPN was having some Malware threats in its windows application so be careful If you are using it or you are planning to buy. Turbo VPN has around 21000 servers around the world based in Singapore country. It doesn’t support torrenting but it has a killswitch feature and the total maximum number of devices per license are 5.

Safe or Not?

And if you want to know that is the use of this VPN is safe or not so let me you that it is safe almost 90% it doesn’t give any risk to your data and it also masks your IP address so perfectly.

4. Surf Shark VPN (No Free Version)


  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Rarely seen multi-hop and split tunneling tools
  • Well-designed app
  • Static Servers included with subscription


  • Expensive Plans
  • Confusing long-term subscription pricing
  • Average speed test score


Blocks AdsYes
Free VersionNo
Simultaneous VPN ConnectionsUnlimited
500+ ServersYes
Supported Protocols on AndroidWireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2
Supported Protocols on macOSWireGuard, IKEv2
Supported Protocols on iOSWireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2
Server Locations65 Countries
Geographically Diverse ServersYes
Free Version Data LimitNo Free Version
Money-Back Guarantee30
Does VPN keep logs?No
Number of servers3200
Number of devices per licenseUnlimited
Kill switchYes
Based in-countryVirgin Islands (British)
Support24/7 Live Chat Support
Supports torrentingYes

Surf Shark VPN Official page

Surf Shark VPN Review:

Surf shark VPN comes with so many premium plans but if you want to buy some long-term plans then it will give you a major discount on them. It has six months of fusion for $38 which is a pretty good and fair price and two years plan for 60 dollars. These plans will actually save you money if you are planning to buy a VPN for long-term work or use. But if you want to get access to Tor with VPN then you will have to buy some other remember penis like Proton or not we can because it doesn’t have this feature.


You can connect unlimited devices with a single plan or with a single account. discipline is a British VPN that is based in the Virgin Islands. Surf Shark has about 3200 services around the world and it doesn’t keep the user data logs so which means your privacy will be protected it has a money-back guarantee of up to 30 days if you had any issue touching you as you can just get your money back immediately. But the worst thing in this opinion is that it doesn’t have any free plan or free version which means you must have to buy a plan to use this VPN.


You can watch Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus, Hotstar, Crunchyroll, HBO Max, Hulu, etc on it almost 20+ streaming apps are unblocked in this VPN so it is worth the money or price it has.

Surfshark unblocked?Fast speeds for HD streaming?Lag?
NetflixDisney+HuluAmazon Prime Video
HBO Max & GoBBC iPlayerDAZNHotstar
Peacock TVCrunchyrollFubo TVYouTube TV
YLE AreenaYleAbemaTVESPN & ESPN+
ITV HubAll 4StanCrave

5. Cyber Ghost VPN

Money-Back Guarantee45
Does VPN keep logs?No
Number of servers7450
Number of devices per license7
Kill switchYes
Based in-countryRomania
Support24/7 Live Chat Support
Supports torrentingYes
Blocks AdsYes
Free VersionNo
Simultaneous VPN Connections7
500+ ServersYes
Server Locations90 Countries
Geographically Diverse ServersYes
Free Version Data LimitNo Free Version

CyberGhost VPN Official page

Cyber Ghost VPN Review:

Cyberghost is the most powerful VPN and also one of the fastest VPNs available for free, it is the best option in any category of VPNs for anything you want to use VPN CyberGhost is perfect for it. It has the highest number of VPN Service around the world and it can support up to 7 simultaneous connections or devices at a time CyberGhost also have other security apps security features inside this VPN which can help you protect yourself in Internet work and ask for in inside your Windows or operating system.


CyberGhost VPN is the best in Romania country, having a total of 7450 servers around the world. It doesn’t keep any data logs of users for your privacy is in safe hands. It has the support of 24/7 live chat which means you can get help anytime if you are having any issues with the VPN. It also supports torrenting and it has 90 countries on its server list.


Now let’s talk about the cost of CyberGhost VPN if you want to buy it for short time like a month then you will have to pay about $13 and if want to go for the annual plan then you will have to pay a total of of 48 dollars which is discounted price and for two years you have to pay $84 which is a bit more discounted as you go for more long-term plans you will get more discounts.

Unblocks 35+ Platforms:

It can unblock up to 35 + platforms including Netflix, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, HBO now, ESPN and ESPN Plus also Hotstar, etc.

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