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You will be able to send messages and videos etc to all of your contacts and also you can call from your Ipad on WhatsApp using this method.

How To Get Whatsapp On Ipad Devices?
How To Get Whatsapp On Ipad Devices?

Download And Get Whatsapp Web Application For Your Ipad IOS:

Whatsapp is one of the biggest social applications used all over the world with over 10 billion users, and on daily basis, it sends a total of 100Billion chats which is a very large or infinite number, WhatsApp is bought by Facebook last year now it is owned by Facebook. Facebook also bought Instagram same as WhatsApp so these two apps are now the property of Facebook but WhatsApp is still ad-free.

The above picture is showing the interface of WhatsApp web but we all know on iPad devices WhatsApp is not available to download because it doesn’t have any sim card support Whatsapp is an application that works on your phone number only so here you will find out how can you easily get Whatsapp Web in your iPad for free with just a few clicks and so easily,

You will be able to send messages and videos etc to all of your contacts and also you can call through it anywhere from your Ipad, but for this internet access to a phone is a must without that you won’t able to get logged in because that will be linked to your phone from your iPad device.

Follow These Steps To Get Whatsapp Web On Your IPad:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. You should have your “iPhone” or any other Phone which has WhatsApp logged in there for the first time only.

Step 3. If your IPad is having “IOS” 13 then it will take you to the Whatsapp Web Immidetialy but if your IPad is having “IOS 12” or Earlier version then on the home page of WhatsApp Tap and Hold the reload button which will be just on the right on the address or URL of “” (Then it will show an option for the desktop site, click on it and you’ll get to the Whatsapp Web).

Step 4. Now you are on Whatsapp Web Page just bring your “Phone” and open WhatsApp there and go to the “Settings” icon which will be inside your phone’s WhatsApp on the right bottom.

Step 5. inside settings, you’ll find the “Link A Device” Option just click it and your phone camera with a QR Code scanner will get opened.

Step 6. Move the camera to the screen of your “iPad” where the WhatsApp Web page is opened and scan the “QR Code”.

Step 7. Now You are “logged” into WhatsApp from your IPad Enjoy And at the end click that + Button in your safari browser so it will get added to your home screen.

If You Have an Android Phone:

1. Open WhatsApp on your phone/device.

2. Click these 3 dots/options buttons and go to Linked devices.

3. After going into your WhatsApp-linked devices there you will find an option to link a new device just click that.

4. It will open your phone camera which will be a QR Code reader so just hold the camera to your IPad screen for 2 seconds and Scan the QR Code there, done you are logged in.

Video Tutorial for Whatsapp Web In IPad Devices:

Download Whatsapp Web For Anything From Here:

For PC & Laptops:

For Android & Tablets Users:

For iPhone & Ipads Users:

  • Top 8 WhatsApp features to be Launched in 2023
    • 1. You can Hide your ‘last seen from specific contacts
    • 2. Delete Sent Message at any time (no restrictions)
    • 3. Multiple-device support
    • 4. New community features
    • 5. WhatsApp logout Option or Multiple accounts login at a time
    • 6. Instagram Reels will be available on WhatsApp
    • 7. Read later any message (as a reminder)
    • 8. WhatsApp Insurance

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