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AMD EPYC 7713 Is a good workstation CPU?
AMD EPYC 7713 Is a good workstation CPU?

Class: Server

Clockspeed: 2.6 GHz

Turbo Speed: 3.5 GHz

Cores: 64 Threads: 128

AMD EPYC 7713 Review With Benchmarks Tests:

InfoAMD EPYC 7713
ModelEPYC Series
Architecturex86 Architecture
Clock Speed2550MHz / 2.55GHz
Turbo Or Boost Clock3500MHz / 3.5GHz
Total Cores64 Cores
Total Threads128 Threads
SocketLGA-4094 / SP3
Supported MemoryDDR4-3200 Octo Channel
Bus typeInfinity Fabric
PCI-Express Revision4.0
PCI-Express128 Lanes
Performance index8572
Targeted marketServeurs
Package / SocketLGA-4094 / Socket SP3
AMD EPYC 7713 Specs
L1 cache64×32 KBL1 Cache (instruction)64×32 KB
L2 cache64×512 KBL3 cache256 MB
AMD EPYC 7713 Specs
Functions/Features16-bit Floating-Point conversion instructions (F16C)
3-operand Fused multiply-add instructions (FMA3)
Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX)
Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (AVX2)
AES New Instructions
Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP)
Precision Boost 2
Pure Power
Secure Hash Algorithm extensions (SHA)
Secure Mode Execution Protection (SMEP)
Simultaneous MultiThreading (SMT)
Supervisor Mode Access Prevention (SMAP)
x86-64 instructions
AMD EPYC 7713 and 7763 Features


  • Power consumption of the EPYC 7713 is better than AMD EPYC 7763
  • One of the most Highest Performing Server Processor
  • 64 Cores And 128 Threads
  • 128 PCIe Lanes


  • Base frequency of the AMD EPYC 7713 iLower than the frequency of the AMD EPYC 7763
  • cons 2

AMD EPYC 7713 VS 7763 Comparison

EPYC 7713EPYC 7763
General recommendations: Clocked higher,
Needs less power
General recommendations: Higher base frequency
Drawbacks: Base frequency is lowerDrawbacks: Maximum turbo frequency is lower,
Requires more power
AMD EPYC 7713 VS 7763 Comparison

AMD EPYC 7713 – Review

In March of 2021 oracle had an event where they introduced two cloud computers one was three other one was before, this computer was built by AMD’s third generation of EPYC series processors. This AMD EPYC 7713 was used in E4 Computer but they were two in number, not a single processor it uses, to give double performance and more boost to the servers of Oracle. These processors were specially made for Oracle only but are now available in the market also.

Performance + Purpose:

If we talk about the performance of this processor then it comes with 64 cores which is the limit of the highest cores till now and it also comes with 128 threads. These processors are specially made for special purposes only like Google Amazon and many other big companies are there, this company uses these processors for their servers to optimize Sangam start with and keep their server active every time.

Specs Details:

This AMD EPYC 7713 is built with x86 architecture and the code name of this processor is Milan. If you talked about the power consumption and usage of this processor then it comes with a TDP of 280W. The socket of this processor is SP3 for LGA-4094, the maximum memory channels in this processor are 8. It supports DDR4 Ram and comes with PCI Express 4.0 with 128 lanes. This pressure is better in performance as compared to other Epic processors like EPYC 7742 which is also a 64 Core processor.

So the question is, Is AMD EPYC 7713 A Good Workstation CPU? And I will say yes because all the features and performance scores this CPU has makes it the best Workstation CPU so far. In the future maybe we will see better and better Workstation CPUs come and take these CPUs’ place in the rankings.

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